20 Questions to Ask a Geek: Would U rather?

Would you rather questions

Would you rather is a popular game to play with your friends: you ask them to choose between the two variants and get laughable questions starting with I would rather… If you and your friends are iAddicts and geeks, your favorite topic must be devices and everything around. We would rather propose 20 geek funny questions which you can ask your friends and answer in the comments blow the post.

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Best Security Apps for your iPhone

security apps

People are now spending more time on their phones rather than on desktop computers. Cell phones and mobile technology have become key parts of nearly everyone’s daily lives, which is why it’s essential to protect these devices. You may remember to install antivirus programs on a PC, but are you thinking about your iPhones? A compromised device could result in heavy personal losses. Here are 5 apps that will help shore up an iPhone’s security.

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