Gifninja and Makeagif – Free Online GIF Maker for Awesome Animations

Gifninja and Makeagif – Free Online GIF Maker for Awesome Animations

Photos are the main shares on social networks. Facebook and Google+ are full of animated GIFs: funny cats, inspirational videos, beautiful landscapes – practically all sorts of motion pictures are popular there. If you want to add a GIF to your Google+ account, try – Makeagif.com

UPD: Unfortunately, Gifninja dosn’t deliver you GIF happiness any more, but you can try Makeagif.com, which has the same features as Gifninja.
Makeagif is a free online app that creates animated GIF images out of several pics or a video file. Here you can create a gif with uploaded photos or make a gif out of YouTube videos. are 5 simple steps to get GIF:

  1. Upload a few images or a short video file (see how to cut your video here);
  2. Set the order of the pics;
  3. Set animation speed, if needed resize the images, choose a category;
  4. Obligatory set the rating of your gif and add other properties if you wish;
  5. Download the ready file and you’re done.

Here’s an example of animated GIF photo slide made with Makeagif:

Photos to GIF

One more sample – video to GIF conversion:Video to GIF

Please note that all created GIFs are automatically saved to a public web gallery and can be viewed and liked by other users. And you can add the ready-made gif to your blog post or send directly to a friend.

Though image deletion seems complicated, there is almost nothing to complain about the app. Makeagif is free, clear, fast. It creates GIF animations of good quality, but sometimes the GIF maker adds black borders around original photos.