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How Much Will You Pay for Music Next Year? [Music Industry Infographic]

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How Much Will You Pay for Music Next Year? [Music Industry Infographic]

Music has always been an essential part of our life. As well as there has always been a competition between free and paid music. In 1999 Napster opened the door to free music, though the legal side of this breakthrough was questionable. Now things in the music industry are changing. YouTube and other music streaming services forestalled the advent of an impressive range of cheap and free music. Free track and album giveaways have strengthened the trend.


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Wonder how much you’ll spend on music next year? Look at the infographic below.

How Much Will You Pay for Music in 2013

How Much Will You Pay for Music in 2013

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The key music industry stats from this infographic:

  • with the advent of each new media, a single track price was significantly dropping, from $1.45 on vinyl to almost zero on music streaming services;
  • in 2004 there were only 60 music streaming services, while in 2012 they were already over 500. UK and Germany are the two countries in which the music services quantity reaches the maximum (72 and 69 respectively);
  • in 24 countries only one music streaming service is operating;
  • iTunes has become the leading music service with 325 million users and 20+ million tracks in 2011;
  • music consumption spreads in the following way: 26% stream music on PC, 22% listen to music on a mobile device,  21% download music with various apps, 16% watch music videos on mobiles, and only 15% pay for music albums and tracks;
  • since 2006 the revenues from disc recording are dropping by 5-20% with each year, while digital music industry revenue are increasing by 30-100%;
  • in 2011 the top selling music title Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” generated $12.5 million of revenue;
  • iTunes and Dezeer are the music services which are available in the largest number of countries (50 and 49 respectively);
  • in 2007 the band Radiohead has pioneered the tradition of music giveaways which was later accepted by such artists as Oasis, Jamiroquai, Coldplay and even Kanye West and Madonna;
  • the top countries where piracy still flourishes are: China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia.

This statistic information is accumulated from public music industry reports, surveys, open data from the Web. The sources are provided on the inforgaphic above.