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October 18, 2011

The golden age of TV is already long gone. Today all major TV services stream their content online, and viewers have more power to choose from than ever. The death warrant of TV was signed with the emergence of the Internet, in particular with the flourishing of one company that was the embodiment of its destruction: YouTube.

Today there are no more boundaries for consuming TV content on YouTube. Many people agree that it's far more comfortable to watch TV online any time you want, without scheduling yourself to be on time in front of a TV set. Furthermore, thanks to Free Video Downloader for YouTube (Win, Mac), users may easily save any TV shows, series, movies, and other videos for left-off offline watching.

YouTube service was launched in February 2005 by three PayPal ex-workers: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.  There are several stories of how the whole idea was developed. The 1st one tells that Hurly and Chen wanted to share a video from a dinner party and could not find the best way for that. According to the 2nd version, Karim could not find a video online, so it led to an idea to create a place where users will be able to share and search for media content. Finally, the 3d version tells that the three friends created YouTube as a video version of an online dating service.

Whatever the truth is, YouTube has become the largest video sharing platform of all times. The 1st video with Karim in San Diego Zoo was uploaded on the 23d of April 2005. Now the web service hosts billions of movies and clips of any kind.  

The website became so popular that in October 2006 Google announced that it had bought YouTube for  $1.65 billion in Google stock.

In 2010 YouTube started streaming sports events. Besides that that has been added support for HD videos thus, you can connect your PC to a TV set and enjoy videos on a big screen. So as you can see YouTube has become a real substitution to the TV.

In May 2010, it was reported that YouTube was serving more than two billion videos a day, which is almost doubling the audience of three main United States TV channels.

One more great plus of YouTube is that you can enjoy online videos without ads. More likely they will be added one day, but you can always save YT content with video converter and watch your favorite films and programs without advertisements. Besides that, you can prepare the clips for your portable gadget (e.g., converting AVI to MP4 for Android, even MOV for iTunes), and even send clips to a DVD with free DVD burner.

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youtube killed tv

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