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Top 5 Free Websites to Watch Live Sports

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Top 5 Free Websites to Watch Live Sports

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional sportsman or if you are an amateur and prefer to follow sports events sitting in a comfortable armchair. One thing is clear – you are checking this post because you like sports. By the way, do you know that the USA has won more gold medals at the Summer Olympics than any other country? Keep on reading this post to know where to watch sports online and learn more interesting sports facts.

No doubts, the 1st source to think about when you want to watch live sports is the official sports channels. Here is what we got for you.



There is no need to introduce this channel. ESPN is one of the most popular sources for sports news. Here you can find the latest information about US and world sports events, check scores, teams and games timetable. ESPN provides high quality video, after-game interviews with coaches and players, and even its own documentary videos. Go to “Watch” section and choose a video to your liking. You can also listen to ESPN radio and podcasts in case you are busy and can’t watch videos.
Sports: football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, college sports, racing, tennis, Olympics, Special Olympics, horse racing, cycling, boxing, etc.

2. NBC Sports

NBC Sports

NBC sports is not less popular than ESPN. Everything depends on your preferences. NBC sports offers a great collection of videos and highlights of most interesting moments. When there is a competition taking place, you can watch live absolutely free. However, don’t be sad if you missed it for some reason. The site has a good collection of full event replays that you filter by sports type. By the way, here you can book tickets for the nearest game or racing and shop for clothes and souvenirs with your favorite team logo.
Sports: football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, motors, racing, tennis, Olympics, horse racing, cycling, boxing, etc.

3. Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Fox Sports hosts a lot of useful information about all most popular sports. Choose a sports type and check for the scores of the latest competitions or games. You can also download great pictures and watch new and old videos absolutely free. Don’t forget that you can save your favorite recording on a hard drive or a DVD. Learn how to do it from this guide. Visit “Watch” section and browse among dozens of videos, interviews and best game moments. Don’t skip “More” section. Here you’ll find radio and podcast to listen to while driving a car. For those who want to get a ticket to one of the sports events, there is a booking service.
Sports: football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, fighting, motors, racing, tennis, Olympics, horse racing, cycling, boxing, street league, etc.

4. Sky Sports

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one more great source for following sports events and competitions. It doesn’t have live sports streaming, but can offer you a variety of sports TV shows, interesting interviews and catch ups. The latter is available only for subscribed users. The subscription is free, thus you can create an account and enjoy videos through Sky+HD box or Sky Go app. In case you want to upgrade your account and have access to all seven Sky Sports channels, you’ll have to pay an extra free. The podcasts are also available.
Sports: football, F1, rugby, cricket, golf, motors, racing, tennis, cycling, boxing, darts, wrestling, netball, etc.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports

Although Yahoo Sports has less information about sports events than all previous sites, still you can find here something interesting. It’s a good source for those who prefer simple design and shot summary of the events. Choose a sports type in the left column and get schedule, stats, standings, info about players or drivers, and video from the events. Ticket booking is also available.
Sports: football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, boxing, racing, tennis, etc.

Sports by Type

Now, let’s check what sites are worth visiting if you are a crazy fan of particular sports.

Watch Olympics Online


The Olympic Games is the leading international sporting event and a dream of every sportsman. Of course you know it all started in Athens many-many years ago, but do you know that modern Greece is the only country to have participated in all Olympic Games under its own flag? One more interesting fact is that all Olympic medals including gold ones are made of…silver. The last to include gold medals of solid gold was the Games held in 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Learn more facts about the Olympics and watch videos and photos of the previous games on the official Olympic Games site.

Watch Racing Online


Do you like cars and high speed? Then you are a true fan of car racing and should definitely bookmark NASCAR official site. Get all the necessary information about drivers, shop for souvenirs, check the schedule for future racers and book tickets. And of course you can enjoy racing videos absolutely free. Choose a video by driver name or track title and dive into the world of adrenaline.
For those who can’t live without racing, NASCAR offers iOS and Android apps. Install them on your smartphone or tablet and follow the latest racing news 24/7.

Watch Hockey Online

NHL online

NHL official site is the main source of information for all ice hockey fans. Check scores and stats of the latest games, read info about players, teams and enjoy new interviews with your favorite team members. NHL provides great videos from recent games. They are all sorted by date, so you won’t find it difficult to get a video from a particular game. Alternatively, you can check “Just added” section for new videos.
In case you are planning to see your team game live, don’t skip NHL shop for cool outfit and accessories.

Watch Baseball Online


Did you play baseball with your school mates? Then you might check MLB official site several times a week. Especially the Video section with a collection of high quality game videos. There are really a lot to choose from! Moreover, you are offered to listen to gameday audio and podcasts if you can’t access the video line. Of course, all the other info such as schedule, stats, scores, and standings is also available.
To get all the latest baseball news immediately and watch live baseball games, install MLB app on your iOS or Android device. The app is free, but it may require a paid subscription.
One more news source for baseball fans is IBAF (not available anymore). If for some reason you don’t know, IBAF is the International Baseball Federation. Here you’ll find numerous articles, interviews, information about competitions and world rankings. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have a huge video section, but you can check best game moments on YouTube.

Watch Basketball Online


All basketball fans are welcome at NBA. Among usual data such as news, scores, stats and schedulers, here you’ll find a rich video collection. It includes highlights, top plays, and ingame plays. Browse videos by categories: all-star, originals, playoffs, overtime, etc. In case you are a crazy basketball fan, get a paid subscription and access to special “Video Vaults”. Paid subscription will also give you access to the high quality live and on-demand videos to enjoy on any device.
Another cool site for basketball admires is FIBA. To watch videos here choose a section: “Road to Rio” or “3×3 World Tour”, then an event and start browsing for videos. They are mostly short trailers or previews, but if you want, you can get a paid subscription and access to fully length game plays.

Watch Football Online


“An NFL Player’s Union Study determined that the average NFL career is 3.3 years, with running backs (2.57 years), wide receives (2.81) and cornerbacks (2.94) having the shortest career, by average.” © USAtoday

Did you have a college football team? Was it good? Hope it made you a real football fan. And a real football fan can’t do without NFL. Track news about your favorite team, check game stats, schedules and of course book tickets for upcoming games. As for the video part, the site doesn’t offer that many videos for free. But you can get a paid subscription and enjoy live and on-demand football videos.
Moreover, NFL has a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. Download it now and watch football online whenever you want.

Watch Tennis Online


What is the main tennis competition? Of course, it’s Wimbledon! Even a non-tennis fan will tell you that. As well as on other sports websites, here you will find information about sportsmen, interviews, stats and things of this kind. When the championship is taking place, you can watch it live on the site and also access radio and scores sections. Or, if you missed it, don’t forget to check great high quality videos from the latest championship.

Watch Wrestling Online


For those who prefer power and extremely strong men, there is nothing better that wrestling. WWE site is a perfect source for any kind of information regarding this kind of sports. Read about wrestling superstars, watch their pics, check news and don’t forget about videos! There are really a lot of them from all possible fights. However, all the videos are from past championships. If you want to stream current wrestling fights, you should subscribe to WWE network and pay for watching.

Watch Soccer Online


FIFA World Cup took place in 2018 in Russia. In case you can’t imagine your life without soccer, go to FIFA official site and watch videos from Russia. There are also special videos from past FIFA World Cups and even videos with women’s soccer. Unfortunately, there is nothing to stream now, but don’t forget to check the site from time to time to get the latest news about FIFA and its events.
By the way, if you are planning to visit Russia, have a look at FIFA shop. Maybe you should buy some clothes to make others understand what team is the best one for you.

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Watch Golf Online


Golf is one of the most peaceful sports. If you like enjoying calm atmosphere and green grass then don’t skip PGA Tour site. Check latest stats, read news and learn more about your favorite players. Go to Video section and watch videos from and about PGA Tour. Here you will also find audio tracks and educational videos about gold equipment. Since 2015 PGA tour finished not long ago, check the site for new videos and interviews.
The site also provides ticket booking service and souvenirs shop.

All-in-One Sports Sites


All the previous sites are great for devoted sports fans. They mostly prefer watching HQ videos of their favorite teams or enjoy videos with interviews, comments and highlight. If you are not such a fan and need just a simple site to stream sports videos in middle quality, choose one from the list below. They are almost all equal in content and will give you the information about games, scores and schedule. Choose a sports type you need and then click on a game that is broadcasting in the moment. There will open a new video and streaming will start in a couple of seconds. Just keep in mind that these sites being free are full of ads. So be attentive and don’t click on any banners and strange offers.

  • ifirstrow.eu
  • stream2watch.co
  • www.fubo.tv
  • thefeed2all.eu
  • bosscast.net
  • realstreamunited.com
  • livetv.sx
  • stream2u-tv.me
  • feed2all.eu
  • wiziwig.to