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3 Best Compressors

Freemake compressor is faster than any online service and doesn't depend on the speed and plan of your Internet. Compress large HD and 4K videos. Over 500+ video formats supported: MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MPEG, etc. Compress many videos in bulk, without losing original quality. Compress movies to fit the disc or email attachment.
Freemake Compressor is the best solution to compress video files of any kind. It is free, easy and fast.
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Why you should try the tool:
1. Freemake Compressor for Windows
2. Handbrake compressor for Mac
3. File compression with VLC

Choose your ideal compressor among 3 best tools:


Freemake Compressor for Windows for PC

Download here and install Free video compressor by Freemake. It’s available for free download on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista. Freemake software for file compression works with files of all formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEG, MKV, DVD, 2GP, SWF, TOD, MTS, M4V, RM, QT, TS, AVCHD, H.264, OGV, VRO, VOB.

Start video compressor freeware on a PC. Add a video file via the “+Video” button. Select an output format and click the size sign. Enter a custom limit size. Click the “OK” button and hit the “Convert” button.

Exclusive: Freemake compressor is the only software which can compress your file by size limit! Set up the file size you need and Freemake will compress it to it!

Handbrake video compressor for Mac

Handbrake video compressor might compress several GB movie into a few MB file. Install Handbrake program on Mac or Linux computer to compress large video files automatically.

Click the “Source” button to add your movie, indicate a format and a destination folder for the compressed clip. Don’t miss the small “Web Optimized” box among output settings. Check it and launch the conversion process.

File compression with VLC Media Player

VLC is a free open-source cross-platform video player with an in-built video compressor for advanced users. You’ll need to create a custom profile with a lower bitrate to compress an original movie file.

Go to Media > Open File> Convert/Save > File selection/+Add. Open the “Show more options” box and press the arrow next to the “Convert/Save” button. Select the “Convert” action. Click the “Edit profile” button, switch to the “Video codec” tab and input smaller values into bitrate and frame rate fields. Save the changes, indicate the destination folder and start the video compression.

Please note that such a complicated technique with VLC might make the quality of the compressed file worse.