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FREE! Convert M4V to MP4 with free M4V converter. Convert videos, movies, audio clips, and media recordings from Apple iTunes to MP4 format. Keep the original HD quality, 5.1 audio, and subtitles. Watch your favorite MP4 media files on any device: mobile phones, tablets, TV, PC, DVD players!

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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free M4V to MP4 converter
2. Add M4V videos from iTunes
3. Select "to MP4" format
4. Choose MP4 video & audio quality
5. Convert M4V file to MP4 free

Follow steps & see how to convert M4V to MP4 easily:


Download free M4V to MP4 converter

To convert M4V to MP4 file, please download here a dedicated free M4V to MP4 video conversion software. To do it, click the big orange button above. The application is 100% free and safe. You can use it on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. No support for Mac OS.

Run the M4V converter on Windows desktop and laptop computers. Microsoft Windows-mobile tablets and smartphones are not supported.

By default, you download the online installer which will load all the software components from the Internet. If you need an offline version, please contact our support team.

Start the installer, follow all required steps, indicate the set-up folder (disc C or D), and finish the installation. It will take less than 40 seconds. All instructions are clear and easy even for newbies.

Run M4V to MP4 converting program after successful installation to convert movies with .M4V file extension to MP4 format.

Add M4V videos into M4V converter

Add M4V videos into the free M4V converter software. If the media are located in iTunes, sync it with your Windows PC first. You can add one film from your computer HDD or add multiple video clips in batch. Press the "+Video" button at the top of the application and import all video files. Or drag and drop your multimedia files into the freeware. The interface is fast & simple.

Please note that M4V files might have DRM protection by Apple iTunes. Freemake tool can convert only unprotected media. So please don't add M4V files with DRM protection.

Besides, feel free to modify files before M4V to MP4 conversion, if necessary. Press the green scissors sign next to the file name to crop, trim, mute, alter soundtrack, or add subtitles. Don’t forget to click the big "OK" button in the center and convert the file to save all changes.

Choose “to MP4” format

Find the "to MP4" format button at the bottom of the free M4V converter. There are also some other popular output video formats which you can choose: AVI, MKV, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, FLV, SWF, etc.

If you want to convert M4V to MP4 container preserving the original visual quality, don’t change any settings and proceed to step #5. By default, the program will use the same as original file source option. So, you will be sure that converted film won’t suffer from the quality loss.

In contrast to online video converters, Freemake M4V converter lets add & convert video files of any size and resolution. So don't worry that your file will suffer from any program limitations.

Choose MP4 file settings

Go ahead and apply custom MP4 video settings as you wish. You can adjust audio and video parameters of the output file. Click the cogwheel sign on the "to MP4" window and change video & audio codec, resolution, fps, and other format settings.

For example, to reduce the final file size for all the formats, choose a smaller frame rate. Or switch to HD quality support by selecting such video resolution as 720p or 1080p. To improve music in the converted from M4V to MP4 video, choose a stereo, 5.1 or mono audio channel from the corresponding drop-down menu.

Please keep in mind that custom conversion setting will influence the speed of M4V converter. If you want to convert faster, please use the "Same as source" profile.

Convert M4V to MP4 free

Select a destination folder for your output videos and hit the "Convert" button to convert data in batch. The conversion software will encode M4V videos to MP4 extension according to your settings. The conversion process may take some time. The speed depends on your original file size and your PC capacity.

When multimedia transcoding process finishes, don’t hesitate to export your media clips to a USB stick, a portable gadget or watch them on a PC/TV. You can also upload the output file to any online video sharing platform like YouTube.

With Freemake software, you can also convert MTS to MP4 on Windows 10 free & easily.