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Convert MTS to MP4 free & fast! Extract MTS video files from Blu-Ray disks in HD quality! Convert MTS videos from Sony and Panasonic camcorders to MP4 format. Save converted MP4 clips with original high MTS resolution. Play HD movies on any gadget: smartphone, tablets, TV, and PC.

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Why you should try the tool:
1. Download free MTS to MP4 tool
2. Add MTS videos
3. Select “to MP4” format
4. Customize MP4 settings
5. Convert MTS to MP4 free

Follow 5 steps & find out how to convert MTS to MP4 free:


Download free MTS to MP4 tool

Download here Freemake Video Converter that encodes MTS to MP4. It’s free software for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 desktop and laptop computers. The program is 100% secure. It’s been tested by all major antivirus applications.

Start the installer and follow the instruction. The setup wizard will guide you through all the steps. There are no hidden toolbars, add-ons, or sneaky extensions. So, install free MTS to MP4 tool safely.

Launch the program after successful installation to convert files with MTS extension.

Add MTS videos

Add MTS videos into the program. There are several methods how to do it. The simplest one is to click the “+Video” button and add all video clips. The second way is to drag and drop MTS clips into the freeware. The last alternative is to go to the File menu and press the “Add Video” option.

Please note that you can convert one MTS movie or many MTS files at a time. There’s no limit on the number of input files. But if you load too many films, Freemake utility might process them a bit slower.

Attention! Freemake software doesn’t rip protected Blu Ray disks. Please make sure that if you use Blu-ray disk as an MTS source, it doesn’t have any media protection.

Select “to MP4” format

Choose the “to MP4” button at the bottom of the free MTS to MP4 conversion program. If you don’t want to modify the output MP4 file quality, please keep the “same as source” option as is. The software will try to map original file parameters to the converted MP4 clip.

Customize MP4 settings

Optionally, feel free to customize MP4 file settings. Click the cogwheel sign on the “to MP4” window to change any audio and video parameters of the final MP4 video.

There are the following audio/video options to change: frame size, width, height, video codec, frame rate, bitrate, audio codec, audio channels, and sample rate.

Convert MTS to MP4 free

Select a destination folder for MP4 videos and press the “Convert” button. When MTS to MP4 conversion process finishes, the program will offer to open the folder with transcoded media. Go ahead and export your MP4 clips from this folder to any portable hardware: a USB drive, a mobile phone, a tablet, etc.