How to convert WAV to MP3 free

If you need to convert WAV to MP3 fast and easily, choose free Freemake Wav to MP3 Converter. It converts any WAV music to a universal MP3 format that you can play on any gadget: PC, Mac, Linux, Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, or any other portable device and multimedia system. As compared to online services, Freemake WAV to MP3 conversion tool converts heavy WAV files and supports MP3 320kpbs.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Install free Freemake WAV to MP3 Converter
2. Add WAV tracks
3. Choose "to MP3"
4. Select final settings
5. Convert WAV to MP3

See how to convert WAV to MP3 free:


Install free WAV to MP3 Converter

Download and install WAV to MP3 converter free. Please don’t use the freeware from third-party sites and services. Only on a Freemake page, you will find the newest software version from the official developers’ website that guarantees safety for your PC and stable performance.

Freemake freeware can be installed on any Windows (XP, Vista,7,8,9,10) running PC or notebook. Click the program file to install Freemake WAV to MP3 software. Everything you need to do is to follow the installation passes by clicking the “Next” button all the time. By default, the tool is installed in Program Files folder on your C drive. However, you can change the path while installing the converter utility.

Finish the installation and wait till Freemake starts. It will happen automatically. If you don’t have time to convert WAV files right now, you can launch the tool later. You will find the Freemake icon on your desktop.

Add WAV tracks

Click “+Audio” button to add your WAVE music files you want to turn to MP3. You may also simply drag-n-drop them. You can add several songs at once and convert them in batch. Please make sure the songs are not protected. Freemake WAV MP3 app doesn’t break the protection.

Choose "to MP3"

Find “to MP3” icon at the freeware formats panel. Click it to see the available settings. You will get a drop-down menu with the pre-made conversion profiles. A profile represents a quality you can save your WAV music track to. For example, 320kbps, 256kbps, and others.

Please note that you can't encode a low-quality file into a high-quality one. Freemake WAV to MP3 Converter doesn’t increase the original media parameters.

Select final settings

Choose a preset to transcode music fast. In case none of the ready profiles suits your needs, you can create a custom one. To do it, click the blue gear button under the profile. There will appear a new window where you can set the sample rate, bitrate, and channel.

Finally, select a folder where your new MP3 tracks will be saved. Keep in mind that this free program doesn’t add media to the original folder and doesn’t substitute the original songs.

Convert WAV to MP3

Click the “Convert” button in the encoding tool when everything is ready. It starts the WAVE media transcoding process. It may take some time depending on your computer capacity. As soon as the new audio is ready, play it with Windows Media Player or any other music player.

Encode M4A to MP3 and OGG and MP3 in the same way. For free.