Freemake Music Box is Out

December 21, 2011

In July of 2010, we released our 1st tool for media encoding. Then there came a utility to save files from the Net on a PC, following by the app to change audio recordings.

As Christmas holidays are going on, we're glad to present our fans with a long-expected release of Freemake Music Box. With the new music app users around the world can search, organize and listen to millions of online songs free and easily. Together with our audio converter, it gives all you need to do with music!

The key features of Freemake Music Box:

- powerful music search;

- playlists creation and auto-saving;

- inbuilt music player;

- filtration of search results.

We also plan to launch web-based, iPad and Android versions of Freemake Music Box.

Now let's have a look at main freeware features. First of all, download the tool installer and install the app on your computer. It can be set only on the laptops and desktops that are running Windows.

The installation steps are the same as for any other Freemake utility. Please note that the app requires a stable Internet connection for proper performance.

When you install the utility, double-click the green Freemake icon to run it.

In a search, line type a name of a musician, album or song that you would like to listen to. The app will find it in a couple of seconds and provide you a list of the results. The app will give you all possible track versions like live, remake, karaoke, studio, instrumental in the best quality available online. The low-quality files are filtered out.

music box search

Click the “Play” button to reproduce the media. The freeware will also show you a visual line of the track. By default, there comes an album version and an official clip.

Please note that the program does not save media for offline listening. You can listen to the music only when you are connected to the Net.

However, you can still create a playlist to access your favorite multimedia at any time without the necessity the search for it again. You can add as many songs as you need. There are no limitations.

You can also re-order the files and place them the way you like or delete the media that you do not want to listen to anymore.

To do it, click the plus sign to add a music file to the list.

If the tracks play with gaps, please check your Internet connection. Also, keep in mind that the app consumes traffic.

Freemake apps support all popular music media formats such as M4A, MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV, AAC, and others.

Freemake Music Box is now in Beta status. If you encounter any problems with the software, please contact our support team. We will also be glad to hear your positive and negative feedback, comments, and suggestions. You can contact us anytime via email. Let us know what feature you would also like to have in the app. We will try to add the most popular and requested ones in future releases of the tool.

Try also our audio joiner to merge multiple music tracks for free!