Welcome to Freemake Store

October 1, 2011

Freemake community grows up, and we're happy that lots of people eager to support our project development.

Especially for those who wanted and still want to contribute, we launch the official Freemake Help Us page.

Freemake donation

Here you can find a "Donate" button. If you click it, you will be redirected to a payment system page. You can donate any amount that you consider to be reasonable to support the development of the Freemake project. Currently, you can make a donation via PayPal or a credit card. It’s not even necessary to have a PayPal account. You can contribute as a guest. The donation can be made in any currency. It will be converted to US dollars by the payment system.

In case you want to have some souvenir with Freemake logo, we recommend visiting our new estore.

In Freemake Store you can purchase T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, bags, magnets and other cool stuff with custom Freemake design.

Let’s learn how to order goods from Freemake estore. First of all, you need to create an account on zazzle.com. It’s a free platform that we use to distribute our goods.

Then open Freemake eshop page. You can search for Freemake right on zazzle.com.  Click an item that you want to order. For example, a mug. You can customize it to your liking. First of all, choose a style. There are several mug types available: classic white, two-tone, combo, frosted glass, morphing, stein, and travel one. Then select a size available for a particular style.

Finally, select quality and click the “Add to cart” orange button.

Now you can either click the “Continue shopping” button or “View cart + Check out”. Check all the goods you’ve put into a shopping cart. Make sure the quantity is correct.

In case everything is OK, proceed to payment.  You can choose either an express checkout or a regular one. For the fast checkout, you need to have a PayPal account and complete your payment using PayPal. The 2nd option is a simple checkout procedure that you can find on almost all eshop websites. You will need to provide your full name, billing info, address, and insert your credit card data. Depending on a location, you can choose a preferable delivery method. Each one will come with an estimated delivery time frame. Fast delivery options might require additional payment. Do not forget that your order might require more time to be shipped if you place it during holidays.

Please note that all money raised by Freemake Store goes for our project development. Thus buying goods with Freemake identity, you keep the project alive.

Whether you have any questions or feedback concerning the Help us page, donation procedure or estore goods and functionality, do not hesitate to contact our support team members. They will be happy to give you clarification or further information.

Freemake Store with branded products (video format converter, audio converter, Freemake video downloader for Win & Mac, music player) doesn't exist anymore. You can support Freemake software development by making donation or participation in our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and G+.