What Video Consumers Opt For [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 20, 2011

In July 2010 there was released the 1st version of Freemake software – Freemake Video Converter. Our main goal was to create a perfect alternative to paid tools. We wanted to make Freemake software free, easy-to-use and powerful at the same time. We made our best to develop the utility with all the necessary options that can be used both by tech experts and average users.

We worried a lot waiting for your feedback, and we were really happy to know that users liked our product and started sharing it with friends and family members. Since that very 1st day, the popularity of Freemake has been growing rapidly. We’ve got thousands of devoted fans who stay with us and help us test, translate and spread Freemake software.  

September has been marked by Freemake achieving a new seven-digit threshold. At 12 months old, Freemake freeware has reached over 8.000.000 users and computer enthusiasts. Since the last crucial milestone of 3.000.000 installs which was six months ago, Freemake freeware usage almost quadrupled. What are 8 million doing with Freemake video conversion software?

We illustrate and share some interesting trends on preferences of today's average consumer.

Our users come from 231 countries. So it means that almost in any corner of the world there is someone using the Freemake software. How many friends who use Freemake do you have?

During this year our users have downloaded 1 303 275 GB of videos, clips, and films. 

Over 1 300 000 DVDs have been created with our DVD Copy Software for free. If stacked, this number will equal to 1500 meter tower. Just imagine how much it is! Burn your next DVD on Windows with Freemake as well.

According to our statistics, there have been converted 45 600 000 files. 875 000 have been prepared for Apple devices, 340 000 movies have been transferred to Android, and finally 288 000 media files have been encoded for watching on Sony. A great part of them was ripped from DVD movies collection with our DVD ripper.

Now let’s check what is going on with our social networks. We are proud to say that we’ve reached 73 558 fans on Facebook while our how-to guides on an official YouTube channel have been watched more than 2 250 000 times.

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what video consumers opt for

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