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What is a Proxy & How to Use it to Download Restricted YouTube Videos

What is a Proxy & How to Use it to Download Restricted YouTube Videos

A proxy server is a secret helper which lets you access prohibited websites and watch blocked videos. If you are not allowed to visit certain websites at your workplace or your country is included into the list of not supported locations for YouTube videos, read this post to learn how to get round this restriction.

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What is a Proxy?

Proxy is a server which works as an intermediary between your computer and a remote server which you’re trying to connect to. Basically, it’s another computer which serves as a hub through which your internet requests are processed. The process looks like this:


As shown in the above example, whenever you connect to a proxy server and make a request for some resources (websites, files. etc.) located on a remote server, the proxy forwards this request to the target server and then fetches the requested resource and delivers it back to you.

What Can a Proxy Do?

There are numerous things which you can do with a proxy:

  • Access region-restricted content, e.g. videos and music from YouTube, Vevo, Hulu, Spotify, etc.
  • Visit websites blocked at workplace, school or any other network, e.g. adult sites, socila media channels, etc.
  • Make your Internet surfing anonymous, especially when you visit websites collecting personal information, payment data, etc.
  • Visit websites and chats from which you’re banned  since your IP address will be different, no admin or bot can identify you.
  • Speed up your Internet connection with a caching proxy server.

How to Use a Proxy Server?

Each modern web browser allows users to connect via a proxy server. For example, in Google Chrome you should:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the Network section, click Change proxy settings. This will open your computer’s Internet Properties window.
    proxy settings
  4. Click the LAN settings button. This will open another new window. Check the box in the Proxy server section, and uncheck the Automatically detect settings box.
  5. Enter in the IP address or domain as well as the port you are connecting to. Click OK when you are finished.
    proxy in chromeWhen you are done using a proxy, open the LAN settings again, recheck the Automatically detect settings and uncheck the box in the Proxy server box.

Follow this guide if you use Firefox and this one if you run Internet Explorer.

Where do get proxy info?

There are numerous websites offering free proxy lists. You may use the following ones:

  • proxylist.hidemyass.com
  • free-proxy-list.net
  • nordvpn.com/free-proxy-list
  • incloak.com/proxy-list

All those lists feature free proxies from different locations. You can filter results by geo, last updated, speed, anonymity level, etc.

proxy list

There are also some sites which already work as a proxy for you. The most popular ones are hide.me/proxy and hidemyass.com/proxy. These services are much easier to use since you don’t need to dig in browser settings to make it work.

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How to Download Restricted Videos?

YouTube videos are often geo-restricted. If you have a link of the video, you may easily save it to your PC with Freemake Video Downloader. Do the following:

  1. Install and run the software.
  2. Find Options in the bottom right corner and open them.
  3. Go to the Connection tab.
    Freemake Video Downloader
  4. Tick Enable Proxy and type your Proxy ID. If the authorization is required for your found proxy, check the respective box and add Login and Password details. Click OK.
    Freemake Video Downloader
  5. Go to the main menu, paste the link of your geo-restricted video and download it.

You can do the same with Vevo videos which are available only in a restricted number of countries.

Good luck!