How to Add Text to Video Free

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How to add text to video

When you look through your home video collection, you may need to sign some memorable shots. Add data about the event place and time, illustrate the heroes’ thoughts or just mark the picture. Check our list of free movie editors, which help you add text to video and learn how to do it.

Add text with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most popular software for simple video editing. Almost every Windows user has it on his PC. The software is pretty easy to use. To add the text just:

  • Open “Movie Maker” and add the video clips;
  • Then click on “Make titles or credits” on the right-situated movie tasks panel;
Windows Movie Maker
  • Choose the place for the text. To put it inside the shot, choose “Add title on the selected clip on the storyboard”;
Windows Movie Maker
  • Enter the text and press the “Done” button;
Windows Movie Maker
  • Enjoy your movie.
Windows Movie Maker

It is a convenient and simple software. But this program won’t let your imagination get going. For example, you can’t choose the text color or change the place.

If you don’t have Microsoft video editor on your PC, you can download it here: Windows Movie Maker.

Add text with YouTube Editor

Wanna know where right-in-the-video comments come from? Read the following paragraph and try to edit your movie online:

  • Register on YouTube with the help of your Google accounts;
  • Upload your video;
  • In the main menu click on “Annotations”;
How to add text to video on You Tube

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  • Set all the properties as you wish: choose annotation type, type the text and alter it to your taste. Don’t forget to tune the time duration!
How to add text to video on You Tube

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  • Try different annotations. When the movie is ready, click “Saved”.
How to add text to video on You Tube

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YouTube Editor comprises many features to make your video clip unforgettable. However, it is an online editor. If your Internet connection is slow, you will need a lot of time to save all the changes.

Tip: if you need to save your edited video offline, use free Freemake Video Downloader.

YouTube has software as well. But YouTube Movie Editor‘s options are less numerous. Unfortunately, you can’t choose text place, type or color.

You Tube Movie Maker


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Add text with Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a quite complicated program with various features. The movies edited in it look pretty much professional even created by a beginner. To add text to a video with Pinnacle Studio, follow our simple instructions:

  • Add a video clip;
  • Choose “Titles”;
    Pinnacle Studio
  • Select the type of the title and its place. Put it in the editor line.
Pinnacle Studio

Download the trial version for free: Pinnacle Studio.

Pinnacle Studio is smart software with numerous text options. However, it is quite heavy for PC, and littered with programs. Moreover, free version is available only for 30 days.

And what video editor do you use?

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