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Best DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas from all over the Web

christmas decorations
Best DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas from all over the Web

Christmas is a nice time to display creativity and crafty skills while decorating a house. Of course, you may buy all necessary decorations at a local Xmas fair or order online, still it’s much more interesting to do the ornaments by yourself. It’s not so difficult as it may seem! Besides, you already have all necessary accessories! Find below the best do-it-yourself Christmas decoration ideas from all over the Web.

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1. Easy Christmas tree appetizers

Christmas tree appetizers There are plenty of ideas how to present food in the form of a Christmas tree. This is one more, but VERY EASY! All you need is a couple of toothpicks, your favorite appetizers and a bit of imagination.

Don’t forget to take pics of your masterpieces and create a great presentation of them worth sharing with friends. If you don’t know how to do it, check this link: https://www.freemake.com/how_to/how_to_create_photo_slideshow

2. Sock snowman

Sock snowmenThis is a good solution to make Xmas decorations and give a second life to your old socks. Needed materials: white and colored socks, rice, buttons, and bands. Follow the how-to to make these snowmen.

3. Bow Pasta Garland

Pasta garlandElectric garlands may be pricey, so why not make an alternative with what you have at fingertips? For example, pasta? Just cover it with glitter and make a garland. By the way, after Christmas you can sell your crafts on Etsy.

4. Fridge snowman

Fridge snowmanEverything is easy: take any white object and decorate it with eyes and nose. Looks very funny!

5. Clothespin wreath

Clothespin wreathThis is a good way to save money on buying Christmas wreaths. Paint old clothespins in green, form a wreath and add a red band to decorate it.

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6. Light bulb penguins

Light bulb penguinsThese are very attractive Christmas tree toys which can be done out of materials at hand – used light bulbs, paints, and cloth. See the tutorial how to make such a penguin.

7. Decorative string balls

Decorative string ballsThis is a funny and easy craft for kids and adults. We will need just a couple of small balloons, strings or twine, glue, a glass bowl. Put the balls in a bowl as a decorative centerpiece or string them up as a garland for your Christmas tree. Watch the video below.



8. Old CD ornament

Old CD ballMake sparkly ornaments of useless things you’re sure to have tons of at home: old CDs. The balls look very spectacular and will definitely become the centerpiece of your Xmas tree.

9. Garland of hearts

Garland of hearts

Make a beautiful garland of hearts using 10×2 colored paper strips, a stapler and your hands. Fasten the strips as shown on the image below, and you’ll get such a lovely garland which can be also used for St. Valentine day.

heart garland

10. Ice-cream ornaments

ice cream ornaments

Add some sweet ornaments to your Christmas tree. See the tutorial how to make these beautiful things here.

11. Hardcover Xmas tree


Do you have a lot of printed books with hardcovers? Then this idea suits your perfectly. Paint the hardcovers green and pile them in the form of a Christmas tree. Add a star and beads to give it more authenticity.

12. Candy cane mice

candy cane mice

Turn your candy canes into cute little mice. Watch the video instruction here and treat your kids with such sweet gifts.

13.  Christmas bingo

holiday bingo

Play holiday version of popular bingo game with your kids and guests. Download the PDF template here, print it and enjoy playing!

14. Christmas props for photos

photo props for xmas

You needn’t buy funny props for Christmas photo session, as everything can be easily made by yourself. Get the printable here, print the props and paint them.

15. Small felt houses

Tiny Felt Houses

If you have some felt and a couple of LED tea lights, you may create these lovely little houses. Go here and find the tutorial and template.

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