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30+ Christmas Videos & Movies to Watch on YouTube

Christmas decorations on the snow
30+ Christmas Videos & Movies to Watch on YouTube

Christmas videos allow everyone to feel the holiday atmosphere and prepare the needed entourage. On YouTube you can easily find any footage about Christmas: how-to and DIY videos, commercials, feature-length movies, funny clips about animals, kids and other of the kind. Let’s review wht is trending this year.

4 Best Christmas and New Year Commercials

Holidays are Coming

This video is a classical coke commercial, which will definitely remind you of your childhood. Watch it and feel the New Year right on the spot.

Cartier Commercial

This stylish and elegant video seems to come from the twenties, from Jazze Age and its finesse to our modern word.

Snowman plus Snowwoman

This sweet video shows tender relationships between two snow creatures. Love is the most precious gift for any holiday.

Apple Commercial

You know that Christmas and New Year are family holidays. This family video is unbelievably touching, it tells us about love, tolerance and friendship.

2 Funny Christmas Videos with Animals

Amazing Cats

Do you like Grumpy Cat? Together with other famous Internet cats she is going to tell you how hard it is to be a cat at Christmas.

12 Days of Christmas

This is a nice compilation of funny videos with animals from all over the world.

5 Best New Year and Christmas Animations

Deer and Snowman

This is a humorous and amazing trailer, which will make you laugh out loud.

Christmas Teddy Bears

Tiny and sweet Teddy Bears have created a nice fairy to deliver Christmas to all the children.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Simple and funny congratulations for you.

Christmas Elephants

Sweet elephants, celebrating new year.

Crazy frog

The famous mad frog is ready for Christmas, too!

3 Cool Christmas Movie Extracts

 The Big Bang Theory

Adore watching “The Bing Bang Theory”? Sheldon and his friends played “Jingle Bells” with real bells. Still, they are so logical, even at Christmas! You may want to add subtitles to the movie to watch it in the original version.

Holy Night from Love Actually

It is the best Christmas movie and this is the most romantic extract from it. It’s impossible to create such a top without mentioning it.

Harry Potter Christmas

Remember, that Hogwarts was full of mysterious mood, especially when it’s Christmas time. Recall the best moments from all the parties.

3 Christmas Clips with Kids

Children Speaking

Children are always so genius, especially when they give definitions. Watch one about Christmas.

Christmas Story

A splendid performance by kids, which tells us how Jesus was born.

Christmas Movie

A mysterious tale about a boy, who spied for Santa.

 9 Best Christmas Movies

Home Alone

Can you imagine your Christmas without Home Alone? We can’t. Macaulay Culkin is an integral part of our Christmas as the tree, so, he is Christmasly welcome in any house.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Movie

The movie about New Year miracles, kind heart and faith in another person. Wish you be as brave as this little Taylor Momsen is.

Love Actually

Love Actually is a set of different Christmas stories, all connected with a not-so-obvious thread. Everything is there: love, grief, faith, first meet. And Christmas. Must see.

Annabelle’s Wish

A little naïve, but such a kind cartoon about miracles which are sure to happen before Christmas. Show it to your children to teach them care about each other and share everything with the ones they love.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Berton’s masterpiece about how to be a good person. Even if you are still a child.

Sleepless in Seattle

Romantic comedy about two native souls who can’t find each other in a big city rhythm. And about the possible unbelievable on the New Year Eve.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Though the movie itself is not about Christmas, its mood, falling show, flying owls and all the mystery definitely adds the atmosphere.

Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

One more fairy-tale which doesn’t contain Christmas itself, but breathes it in every shot.

The Family Man

A great movie for all the family about some eternal precious happiness.

Other Holiday Videos

Shake up Christmas!

A popular clip of a well-known song “Shake up Christmas” by Train. Watch, get the Christmas mood and yes, start dancing!

Basketball Christmas

Famous NBA basketball players have performed “Jingle Bells” with their balls. Impressive, isn’t it?

Cause it’s Christmas

A peculiar clip with a sleeping girl, who is getting ready for Christmas. Accompanied by Regina Spector’s music.

Christmas with ThePianoGuys

The band will play a Christmas song in 32 fingers on a white grand piano. The video is full of style and Christmas.

Flash Mob

Cute oldies dancing in a supermarket. Would you like to be as energetic as they are?

Christmas eCard

A good idea of how to make a eCard with your collegues.

Christmas Tree Napkin

A guide to fold a napkin as a Christmas Tree.

Everyone can save these magnificent Christmas videos. You just need to download YouTube for free with full version.

In case you want to share your own funny Xmas video on YouTube, make sure it was shot correctly. Don’t miss this page if you need to rotate your clip!