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How to Download Music from SoundCloud

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How to Download Music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online music service where you can find both rare and the most popular music and its fans. The service is widely used by music newbies who can promote their tracks and get listeners’ feedback. Many songs that you’ll find on this service are available for free downloading. There is a special Download button under such files. The music will be downloaded in a standard MP3 format. If you want to download a track in another audio format or to get tracks that don’t have such a button, you’ll need to perform a couple of actions.

First of all, it’s necessary to find a right tool that will let you save SoundCloud music for free. It can be a web-service, a plugin, or a mobile app to download music right on a smartphone.

Check the list of best SoundCloud downloaders and learn how to download SoundCloud songs easily.
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The first and the easiest way is to download music with the help of special sites.


Clipconverter.cc is a very fast and user-friendly music downloader. The procedure of downloading is pretty simple:

  • copy the URL from SoundCloud;
  • paste it into a corresponding field on clipconverter.com;
  • choose a necessary audio format;
  • click Start to run the conversion process;
  • click the Convert button.


The song will be downloaded to your PC. Unfortunately, this tool converts an original audio from the website so there might be a slight quality loss.


Anything2mp3.com is a fast but sophisticated online downloader. You will get the song literally in two clicks. What you need to do is to:

  • copy the link of a song you want to get;
  • paste it in the search bar of Anything2mp3.com;
  • press the Convert button.



After that, you will receive an album cover proving, that the song has already been downloaded. The MP3 will be saved in the Download folder.

But its interface is littered with ads so you will need some time to get acquainted with the website. So be careful while clicking on the buttons and everything will be OK.


9soundclouddownloader.com is one more easy-to-use website. You just need 3 clicks to download SoundCloud songs. Let’s check how it works:

  • again, copy the song link and carry it to the search bar of the website;
  • click the Download button;
  • press the Download button one more time to save the track. In case the downloading process doesn’t start, right-click on the Download button and choose Save as… option.



As you can see, everything is easy as ABC. Moreover, the site will show you an exact song size before downloading.

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SoundFlush.com gives you one more way to download music from SoundCloud. You don’t need any special tech knowledge to use it. Simply follow the how-to guide below:

  • copy the SoundCloud link of the song you want to get;
  • paste the link into a white field on the SoundFlush page;
  • click the Download button;
  • press the Right Click to Download red button.


The downloading process will start immediately and the track will be saved to your local drive. Now you can listen to it without an Internet connection.


Savefrom.net lets you easily save any SoundCloud track or playlist. Like the previous sites, it only asks you for a link to your music track. The procedure is all the same:

  • copy the link;
  • paste the like to your track or playlist into a search line on savefrom.net;
  • click the blue button with the white arrow;
  • press the Download MP3 button.



Scdownloader.net doesn’t differ much from all the rest. However, here is how you should use it:

  • copy a link to the SoundCloud track;
  • paste the link into a corresponding field on the scdownloader.net;
  • press the Download button;
  • click Download Link.


Wait till the downloading process is completed. Use one of the Windows audio players to listen to the track or upload it to your MP3 player, iPod, iPhone.


Soundcloudmp3.org is quite a new website. It can download tracks up to 2 hours. So if you want to download a complete music concert, it can be your choice. Here are the steps:

  • open soundcloudmp3.org in any web-browser;
  • copy the URL of a SoundCloud track that you want to save;
  • paste the link into soundcloudmp3.org;
  • click the Download MP3 button to save the track for offline listening.


The song will be saved to a folder that you can find in your browser preferences.


Download-soundcloud-mp3.com is one more nice service to get high-quality SoundCloud music. The procedure of getting a song is pretty much the same as with all the previous services:

  • open Scdownloader.net in your web-browser;
  • copy SoundCloud music link;
  • paste the link into the service;
  • click the orange loop button;
  • choose a format you want to save your track to (MP3 or M4A).

Download-soundcloud-mp3As you can see, download-soundcloud-mp3.com offers two ways to save SoundCloud music: in original quality and convert it to MP3. Besides, there is an option to download only part of a track. In might be helpful when you want to create a ringtone for your phone.

One more option to download SoundCloud tracks is using a special Google Chrome extension.

SoundCloud Downloader Free

This is a simple Chrome extension that adds a special download button to all SoundCloud tracks. It will appear together with all the other buttons like Favorites, Share, Repost, etc. Thus you can easily download any SoundCloud track and even playlist by clicking the Download button.

SoundCloud Downloader Free

What other options do you know for getting music from SoundCloud?