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Rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, DVD, MPEG and other formats with Free Freemake Ripper & Converter. Save a movie in the original quality to watch on a home media system, TV, smartphone or tablet. Don’t lose your DVD video because of disc scratches or cracks. Back up your home video collection onto a hard drive fast and easily. The popular free DVD Ripper with million funs will quickly convert your DVD to any format you want!
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Why you should try the tool:
1. Download Freemake DVD Ripper
2. Add the disc that you want to grab
3. Choose to convert DVD to MP4, AVI, or MKV
4. Select final parameters
5. Rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV

Learn how to convert DVD to AVI, MP4 or other format:


Download & run
Free DVD Ripper for Windows

Download free Freemake DVD to AVI Converter here. Install it on your computer. Please note that the freeware can be used only on Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10) PCs and laptops.

Install the software following a simple installation procedure. Everything you need to do here is to read the EULA, choose where to install the utility and choose whether you need a desktop and a quick-launch icon.

By default, you get an online installer of the ripper. It means that the tool downloads the necessary files during the installation. If necessary, you can download a complete installer for the offline installation.

Add DVD you want to rip to computer

Insert a DVD to extract. And return to the app. Keep in mind that CD is not supported. Find the “+DVD” button at the top row and click it. Select your drive with a disc, and then a VIDEO_TS folder. Choose the biggest VOB (.vob) files from the list. In case your disc has several movies, select all the VOB files.

For movies that come with multiple audio and subtitles tracks, select the necessary ones. Please note that only one voice track and only one subs track are allowed. You can preview the film in Freemake editor to make sure you’ve made the right choice. You might also embed subtitles downloaded from the Internet (SRT, ASS, SSA).

Choose to convert DVD to MP4, AVI, or MKV

Choose an output extension for your movies. Depending on your scope, it can be AVI for TVs or editing, convert DVD to MP4 for mobile phones, gaming consoles, and tablets, MKV for streaming, or any other.

Click the format that you need to open the settings.

Select final parameters

Select a ready preset to rip DVD to MP4, AVI or MKV properly. Each format option provides a set of ready converting profiles. If your device is not in the list, you can create a custom preset with the settings that will suit your goal best of all: codec, frame size, bitrate, music parameters, and so on. Name your preset to save it.

Please don’t choose Full HD options. Due to the nature of the format, DVD doesn’t exist in full high-quality dimensions. The highest resolution that the VOB format can handle is 720x480 pixels per frame for NTSC or 720x576 pixels per frame for the PAL.

Rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV

Start to rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV by clicking the “Convert” button. Choose a folder where to save the movie in a new format beforehand. Soon new clips will appear in a specified folder. Now you can add them to your device, open in the editing software or simply enjoy on a PC.