How to upload MP3 to YouTube [Dumb-Easy]

Upload ANY MP3 to Youtube the easiest way. Select MP3 and Freemake will do the rest for you! Add great ready visualizations or custom photos to your music tracks. Upload single songs or entire albums to YouTube in 3 easy steps. It is FREE.
Best MP3 to YouTube uploading software and detailed how-to below.
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Get the job done in these easy steps:
1. Download free Freemake Video Converter
2. Add MP3 music files
3. Select parameters for MP3
4. Choose “to YouTube”
5. Upload MP3 to YouTube

See how to upload MP3 to YouTube easily:


Download free
Freemake Video Converter

YouTube doesn’t let upload MP3 files to your channel. To upload MP3 to YouTube, you need to convert it to a supported format. Free Freemake Video Converter will convert any music file to a format supported by YouTube. Download the free software for your Windows computer. The Freemake product can be set up on Windows Vista, Win 7, 8, and Windows 10.

Double-click to run the setup file and install Freemake Video Converter on your PC or laptop. By default, the free tool will be installed on your C drive so make sure you have enough of free space on it. Don’t worry! The Freemake program doesn’t contain any 3d party offers or additional components. Thus you can simply click the “Next” button all the time to complete the installation process.

Add MP3 music files

Click the “+Audio” button to add an MP3 file that you want to upload on YouTube. If you have many music files, you can simply drag-n-drop them into the Freemake utility.

The software allows you to convert and upload songs to YouTube one by one as separate files or merge the MP3 files in a one long music track. The latter option is great when you want to upload a complete MP3 album.

Select parameters for MP3

Click on the note sign next to your MP3 track to open the settings.

In a new window, select visualization for your music. For a music album, you can add a cover pic instead of the visualization. Click OK to apply the visual line.

Choose “to YouTube”

Pay attention to the bottom of the software. In the bottom right corner, click on the arrow sign to see all the available output option. Find “to YouTube” bubble and click on it.

Add your YouTube account details to add the MP3 files to YouTube right from Freemake Video Converter. Don't worry! This data is needed only to upload your MP3 tracks on your YouTube channel. The software won't post anything else without your knowledge. Please make sure that you have enabled a permission to use your YouTube login data in the 3d party programs. You can check it in the Security module of YouTube settings.

Upload MP3 to YouTube files

After that, set a video privacy level (Public, By URL, Private).

Click the "Upload" button to run the conversion process and upload MP3 on YouTube.

When the conversion is finished, go to YouTube and check your new tune there. Edit tracks if necessary by adding additional info or links to them.

Upload any clip, DVD or even photos to YouTube in the same way.