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10 Ways to Get Capturing Music for your Slideshows and Videos

10 Ways to Get Capturing Music for your Slideshows and Videos

As you know Freemake Video Converter is an ultimate freeware for video creation. It encodes many video formats, edits videos, adds music to your soundless video files, makes photo slideshows, uploads your movies to YouTube and burns DVD disks. But we constantly get one and the same question from novice video directors: “where to download free music for my videos or photo slideshows”. Probably, the same problem bothers PowerPoint presentation makers as well.
Today we decided to help all of you guys and present top 10 websites and apps which permit to download free music samples, loops and songs for your video masterpieces.

1. Audiojungle

Audiojungle is a free music stock. Like photo stocks, Audiojungle is a marketplace where professional musicians sell their works as royalty-free files. Obviously, all audio files are paid, but there’s a special section called “Free files”. Here each month you can download a high quality audio track free of charge. So don’t miss this opportunity in August!

Audiojungle free file

2. Freemake YouTube Converter

Freemake YouTube MP3 Boom is a better option for those who plan to host video locally or share it offline. The program can grab any online music video and turn it into an mp3 song. Then you can add music to the original mute video file with the help of Freemake Video Converter.

Free YouTube MP3 Converter by Freemake

3. Last.fm

Although, Last.fm streams music, it has special section with free audio downloads. Here you can get folk, classical, rock or pop music. All music is of good quality and pretty lengthy for 3-4 minute video slide.

4. Free Play Music

Judging by name FreePlayMusic.com offers free music files for download. Most of them are instrumental music mp3 tracks. Visit the site and use search to find most suitable audio for your movie.

5. Brainy Betty

Brainy Betty hosts free music for PowerPoint presentations, though you can use it for any purpose. The only disadvantage – all audio files are in MIDI format. So you should convert them into more popular wav or mp3 formats.

6. TemplatesWise

Like Brainy Betty, TemplatesWise also offers free music loops for slides. However, the owners of the website have already converted all music into mp3 for you. Thus, you need to pick up a genre like dance or jazz, choose an audio track and download it.


7. Media College

Media College is a well-known site for all video editing amateurs. Here you can find many tutorials on video editing, ask questions on the forum, and get free media files. Among them, Media College has several decent audio tracks for your use.

8. ildebe

Ildebe offers free music loops. Although the collection isn’t big, but there is at least one loop for each instrumental category.

9. YouTube editor

You can prepare and upload mute photo slideshow to YouTube. Then go to YouTube video editor, select your video and switch to video editing mode. Here you should click the “Audio” Tab and search for free music. Don’t forget to save your video editing results.

how to add music in YouTube video editor

10. Partners in Rhyme

The last, but not the least is Partners in Rhyme website. It hosts free music samples and distributes them via Soundcloud downloads. Enter the site, select a music sample and save it onto your computer. The process is as easy as can be.
And where do you get music for your video slideshows?