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5 Great MP3 Download Tools to Get Music Free

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5 Great MP3 Download Tools to Get Music Free

Music is getting less expensive with each year. Today you don’t need to buy CDs or tracks on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon in order to listen to your favorite music. You may simply go to YouTube and use this free tool for YouTube download. Leaving aside the legal issue of this action, let’s examine in details which is the best MP3 downloader of 2017.

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1. Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom

YouTube to MP3 Boom from Freemake is a free program for Windows OS which lets grab music from YouTube without visiting the video sharing giant. There are two ways to work with it:

  1. You use the search bar to find YouTube music inside the program;
  2. or you copy the URL of a music video from YouTube and paste it into the software.

Both methods will let you download the desired track. Still if you use the internal search, you also get other songs by an artist split into albums.

You’are able to play and download specific tracks one by one or in bulk using the Download all button.

YouTube to MP3 Boom

All the tracks are downloaded in MP3 format in the highest quality possible (up to 320 kbps). Those files are ready to be transferred to any portable gadget.


  • internal music search;
  • bulk music downloads;
  • full song preview;
  • high quality audio.


  • no queue;
  • download history is kept only for the current session.

2. MP3jam

Free MP3jam software for Windows is also based on YouTube music. It features inbuilt music search and accepts YouTube links as well. The software boasts of a proprietary ranging algorithm which filters and organizes search results from YouTube in such a way that most popular tracks are always on top. You may download a single track or a full album in MP3 audio format.

MP3 Jam

A nice option of MP3jam is the support for hashtags. You may enter tags like #rock, #funny, #classical, #angry, #1980s, etc. and get the list of famous songs representing the genre, mood, epoch or style. The top genres and moods are listed right when you open the tool.

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You can play the tracks before, during or after downloading from the History tab. The tool will also indicate if you have already downloaded the exact track and want to do this once again.


  • powerful music search;
  • advanced filtering and ranging;
  • fully-featured music player;
  • history of download;
  • hashtags support.


  • only 5 tracks are available for download per 25 minutes;
  • full albums download requires 1 day ($0.95) or lifetime ($9.95) subscription.

3. Songr

Songr is another freeware application for Windows used to search and download music. You may get if from Softonic. The tool has a bit utilitarian interface, still it works flawlessly.

Songr uses all the Web to search for musiс files. That’s why you may see different sites in the Search engine column. There are four types of search queries you may enter: a single song title, artist name, album or a part of lyrics. The tool will show you different track versions depending on the duration or bitrate.


You may proceed to iTunes, Amazon or other sites to legally buy tracks. Still free download option is always available. You can listen to the song before download and even read info about the artist. The More tab also offers you additional links to YouTube videos, concerts details, etc.


  • search by lyrics;
  • no ads;
  • music preview;
  • different song versions available.


  • a bit complicated interface;
  • rare updates.

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4. Free Music and Video Downloader

Free Music and Video Downloader is a tiny tool for Windows OS . You may get it from SnapFiles. No installation is required: just open the ZIP file and run the EXE app.

The tool lets you save MP3s tracks from many online resources like Last.fm, Grooveshark, Sogou, SoundCloud and others. You may choose from which sites the app should take music.

The search bar accepts song title queries as well as artist or band’s names to bring you all possible music versions from different sites. To start download, just double click on the song line. There is an option of song preview before download.

Free Music and Video Downloader

The tool is also capable of downloading videos and TV streams.


  • no ads;
  • fast music search;
  • music preview;
  • numerous supported sites.


  • some of  the declared music sources are no longer supported;
  • poor interface;
  • unfiltered search results;
  • no full album downloads.

5. MP3 Rocket

MP3Rocket.me is a video to MP3 converter for Windows. Generally, it works only with YouTube as a source. But if you need music tracks under Creative Commons license, you may switch to the respective tab and get music from Jamendo, SoundCloud, ccMixter, etc. All the tracks are delivered in MP3 format. Preview is available.

mp3 rocket

The tool also offers a good deal of additional options like sound recording, ringtone creation, file conversion, radio streams, and even games, etc.


  • fast music search and download;
  • direct transfer to iTunes;
  • access to music under Creative Commons;
  • music preview;
  • downloads history.


  • adware alerts upon installation;
  • paid unlimited downloads.

What tools will also include to this list? Please share in the comments below.