Chris Pirillo: Thoughts on YouTube [INTERVIEW]

Chris Pirillo: Thoughts on YouTube [INTERVIEW]

Chris Pirillo has been blogging since 1996. He launched his first company, LockerGnome, to provide practical technology knowledge to millions. Now he is one of the most famous YouTube bloggers. Since Freemake also has own YouTube channel, we interviewed Chris Pirillo about YouTube: YouTube vs TV struggle, YouTube MP3 converters, and his vision of YouTube music subscriptions.

Freemake: Chris, you are a successful YouTube blogger. What tools and software help you create and upload YouTube videos?

My success is measured in the impact that I have on others and I tend to try to find tools, hardware, software and services that just make it easier for me to get things done. I don’t want any fuss when it comes to producing the content for YouTube.

I happen to use a super wide-angle lens to record videos for YouTube. I honestly recommended using the cameras you have on you. Use your smartphone as long as you’re not recording vertical video.

In terms of software I appreciate Final Cut Pro. I honestly don’t do a lot of video editing. I hate video editing and I do it every day. It’s a part of the routine of YouTube video production.

Freemake: Vimeo is popular among professional short movie authors. Is YouTube a right place for creative content or it’s a place for cats and Minecraft screencasts?

I think YouTube is the place for all people. You’re right that Vimeo is taking a more artistic bent over time. But it doesn’t say you can’t upload something like that on YouTube. In fact you probably get greater engagement on YouTube thank to a larger community. YouTube video traffic is driven through search and throughout external sharing of content.

I absolutely do believe that YouTube is the right place as much as I would say Vimeo is great, too. But YouTube is a part of our culture that makes it the right place for creative content and, yes, for fun stuff too like Minecraft screencasts.

Freemake: A year ago we made the infographic stating “YouTube Killed TV“. Do you agree?

Well, yes! There’s so much valuable, useful and entertaining video on YouTube that we don’t need television in the traditional sense as much is television needs us. And I think at the industry cannot change the fact that YouTube is a great counterbalance.

What I do on YouTube is being myself and sharing information, experiences and thoughts with others at YouTube platform. You can’t get that on TV. I have more interaction with the community on YouTube than on television. This wall separates you and television.

Freemake is the author of top-notch YouTube Converter, so we can’t help asking the next question.

Freemake: Last year 4,000,000+ of people signed petition to YouTube asking to allow YouTube MP3 converters in order to download music videos for personal use. In your opinion, does YouTube need a “Download” button?

YouTube actually does have a download button but for the content you uploaded. I don’t think that “Download” button is necessary. Google might be at risk.

If you really want the music, MP3, it’s just a dollar. You spend more going to a restaurant or enjoying a hamburger.

I am a fan of the music subscription services and I think that’s probably going to be the future of music distribution. For ten bucks a month you can get all the music that’s possible out there and it’s really not that bad.

Freemake: Rumors say YouTube plans to set music subscription and turn into a music-video service. What do you think: won’t it negatively affect independent YouTube video makers? What is the future of YouTube?

On YouTube there’s video and music. So it’s actually a step in the right direction for the industry player. Not just for video but also for music in general which of course will come hand-in-hand with video.

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