Best Funny Animal Videos on Sweet YouTube

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Funny animals YouTube videos

YouTube is full of funny animal videos. There are millions admirers of cute animals and amazing pets. Want to laugh out loud with them? Check our top 10 hilarious YouTube videos with animals of 2013. If you want to amuse your kids or Grandma, save these animal videos with Freemake Video Downloader.

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Funny Cats

Cats and kittens are usually very nice. And they are usually even nicer, when they get in some funny situations. If there was a special prize for most incident-makers, cats would definitely win it!

Amazing Dogs

Dogs are definitely the runners-up, after cats of course. They perform intricate tricks with their faithful eyes and wagging tails.

Sweet Hedgehog

Do you like hedgehogs? They are so nice, when they sniff! This hedgehog is really sweet too, but not very quick-witted.

Laughable Foxes

These foxes are not only smart and red, they are also very hilarious!

Cunning Octopus

Can an octopus be the reason for your laugh? Definitely, it can!

Other Hilarious Animals

What other animals are laughable? Guess before watching the last video and check then.