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30 Funny Snapchats You Have Ever Seen

30 Funny Snapchats You Have Ever Seen

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks. While Instagram is famous for its square selfies, food and cat pics, Snapchat is a place where users upload funny photos of their everyday life as well as all kinds of clever visual humor. Besides that, geofilters and a built-in option to draw on the pics have turned users into real artists and has brought a number of masterpieces to the network.

Check these most hilarious pictures uploaded to Snapchat to cheer up and get ideas for your unique masterpiece.

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1. My first naked pic on Snapchat

If you don’t know what to start from, why not writing a compelling description to make people react?:) By thy way, keep in mind that taking pics while driving is not the best thing to do.

naked pic on snapchat

2. All men must die

This looks like Grumpy cat’s favorite song. If you can play a musical instrument, you can download the sheet to play and sing it with friends.

all men must die

3. I said my name was Marc with a “c”

When your name is too difficult for a cafe worker. Maybe you should choose a funny nickname instead?

Marс Cark

4. Watching the World Cup

The World Cup is coming. If you can’t watch the games in real life, check beforehand where you can watch sports online.

world cup

5. She complains when we take the bag away

When you feel like a king or queen and don’t want to lose your crown. By the way, if you like animals, don’t forget to check these funny videos with them.

cat with a paper bag

6. When life gives you 1500 lemons

Get some tonic and invite all your friends to a lemon party. Or you can send a lemon to everyone you know.

1500 lemons

7. Yeah, I’m pissed. This Ain’t what I meant

Be aware of your wishes; they may become true in an unexpected way. Next time say exactly what you want to get.

ketchup only

8. Snapechat

What is your favorite Harry Potter character? No doubt, you like Severus Snape performed by Alan Rickman. Would you like to re-watch the famous movies? Then learn where you can rent them or maybe even watch for free on any portable device.


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9. The Sorting Cone

What Hogwarts house would you like to be in?

sorting cone

10. Got stuck in a giraffic jam 

If you don’t want to spend time in a giraffic jam, better get these maps to learn the alternative ways.

giraffic jam

11. I live in a pretty rough neighborhood

When there is a tricycle theft somewhere near your house…


rough neighborhood

12. Who wore it better?

What do you think? By the way, don’t miss this post for more school memes.

who wore it better

13. Wild party last night

Animals like to party hard too. Just look at this squirrel!

wild party

14. LOL, Bae caught me sleepin’

When you pretend you have a girlfriend…and fail.

caught sleeping

15. This has been the highlight of my day

If you feel sad and want to highlight your day, visit these awesome sites that will help you cheer up.

my day highlight

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16. Steal his contacts while he sleeps imao

Art history reactions can be absolutely amazing. Have you seen more pics of this kind?

Steal his contacts while he sleeps imao

17. Oh, dear God, I just hit a unicorn

Who could think a car wash can be so beautiful?

just hit a unicorn

18. You did what to Dory?

We have bad news for all Finding Nemo fans…

you did what to dory

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19. My friend fell asleep, so I turned him into princess 

When your friend is too creative…

princess friend

20. Does it work on emotions?

When your life is too rough…just keep calm and wash your bad thoughts away.

does it work on emotions

21. Being so bored you make your own friends…Aw man they left

If your friends can’t come to your place, you can always arrange a video call with all of them.

your own friends

22. My sheets are flirting with me

When you are so awesome that even sheets want to date you.

sheets flirting

23. My dog looks like she is a floating head

Do you know famous Cheshire cat? It looks like there is also Cheshire dog.

floating head dog

24. So, who likes onion rings?

When you are not rich, but incredibly creative.

onion proposal

25. Too much?

When you want to be the most creative on a Christmas party. Check our post to get more Christmas DIY ideas.

Overdressed Costume Party

26. That is what rock bottom looks like

Here is one more Christmas idea to make you stand out from the crowd.

rock bottom

27. But Moooooom

Your face when your mom tells you to go and do your homework.

but mooom

28. Come play with us Danny

If you are a crazy Emoji fan, you can create great Snapchats with Emoji smiles.

Danny play

29. I put a balloon in my hoodie.

The teacher counted it as a student. She gave him class work to do. What is wrong with this school?

balloon hoodie

30. This girl better go to law school

Sue Yu. When your name tell you what profession to choose.

sue yu

Which of these Snapchats did you like most of all? Vote with a corresponding number in the comments below and share your social profiles.