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26 Unexpected Text Messages Only Parents Could Send

mom meme face
26 Unexpected Text Messages Only Parents Could Send

Do your parents use smartphones only for making calls or they are good at texting? If they send you texts, you are luckily to have some hilarious messages from them. If they don’t know there exists such a way of communication, make sure if you want them to learn about it and ever text you. Check these 26 amazing texts between parents and children and make your decision!

1. Well, sometimes autocorrect may become a real problem. Btw, if you can check for more funny autocorrect mistakes in this post.
looking for a job

2. Don’t forget: Mom is always right!any plans for tonight

3. And Dad as well. He simply cares for your family reputation! pretend you are drunk

4. Who else will care about what you eat?to eat or not to eat5. And will even cook you the best dinner ever…

papa and dinner

6. Your parents are the only ones you can ask for some money…dad and coca-cola

7. …but it never means they will give a positive answer.

no money dad

8. You tell your parents that you love them so rarely, that when you do, they almost don’t believe it…

i love you dad

9. …or think you did something terrible.

come home now

10. Yeah, Dad is also afraid of Mom!omg dad

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11. And he is really keen on taking fun out of you…

dad texting

12. In every situation!

funny dad texting

13. Do you remember an old joke: “Hi, I’m Dad!”? Here is the 2nd part of it!dad being seirious

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14. However, Dad will also help you and support you, no matter what.funny parents texting15. Even when you are going to kill someone.

dad giving advice

16. This awkward moment when Dad is cooler than you.dad sending spam

17. There will for sure come the day when you take your revenge. parents text to children

18. While texting with Dad, don’t forget about your Mom. She does her best to learn modern technology…

mom learning to use hashtags

19. As well as modern kids language…mom and wtf


20. They try to follow modern trends even in medicine.

parents mom worrying

21. Mothers are always distressed for us and try to warn us in every situation.mom and yoga

22. Don’t forget your mom’s advice! Even if you don’t agree with her now, you’ll for sure understand her later.mom gives advice

23. And yes, they do care not only about your health but also your education!!

funny mom texting

24. And without doubt the way you look like…mother having fun

25. …since they wish you the best partner ever!mom to daughter texting

26. But of course with all this care Moms don’t lack sense of humor.

mom is a troll

That’s it! Hope you laughed your heart out while reading our post! Btw, have you ever got any funny texts from your mom or dad? Share them with us in comments!