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34 Autocorrect Fails 2019 vs. 2012: iPhone Humor Evolution

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34 Autocorrect Fails 2019 vs. 2012: iPhone Humor Evolution

iPhone is a smartphone. When you send a text message, it checks spelling mistakes and corrects your writing. Like Siri, iPhone autocorrect has a good sense of humor and often replaces original phases with funny, epic or even scandalous expressions.

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Since coming to iPhone in 2012 autocorrect got much smarter, but unique texts are still hilarious. Compare the best autocorrect failures of 2012 and 2019!

17 Craziest Autocorrect Fails of 2012

Here are the top 17 craziest autocorrect fails of 2012 that make us burst into laughing:Freemake MusicBox for iPhone

1. Bad dialog after the first date

autocorrect fail: Bad dialog after first date
Girl: Thank you again for an amazing first date
Boy: Any time. When’s the second date? I can’t wait to see those big beautiful nipples of yours. Oh, NO! I’m so sorry I meant dimples, my phone changed it.

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2. Worst “Happy Birthday” wish to husband

funny autocorrect text: Worst Happy Birthday wish to husband
Wife: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to dead husband! Happy Birthday to you!
Husband: Thanks. I assume you meant “dear”.
Wife: Yes!!! I mean that is a crazy autocorrect! Sorry babe.

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3. Friday fun
Friday fun
Boy: Can’t wait to see you babe.
Girl: It’s Friday. I’m getting pregnant tonight!
Boy: Shouldn’t we talk first?
Girl: Oh my God! I wrote pringles and it autocorrected to pregnant
Boy: I almost had a heart attack!

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4. Song about “Hamster Paradise”
Song about Hamster Paradise
A: I’m gangster. I’m a straight up G, the hamster life is the life for me. STUPID AUTO CORRECT!!!
B: Been spendin’ most of their lives in the hamster paradise.
A: Don’t make fun of me

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5. Crazy cooking
Crazy cooking
Woman: Babe I don’t feel like cooking. Can you bring home human beef?
Men: WTF Beth? Human beef?
Woman: I’m laughing so hard.

6. I’ll be black

I'll be black
A: I’ll be black in a minute
B: Huh!?
A: I meant BACK. Freaking autocorrect.

7. The date wasn’t all right

text fails: The date wan't allright
Boy 1: How was the date?
Boy 2: Not quite. First date we went to dinner and then I killed her in the woods outside her house and left
Boy 1: Killing her seems a bit harsh.
Boy 2: KISSED, wtf

8. Finding a pencil for exam

Finding a pencil for exam
A: Can I get my pencil back? I have an exam in 30.
B: yeah. I’ll get it out of my lover.
A: Haha. You and Dan are into some kinky stuff.
B: *Locker. Love it!

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9. New color for a room

New color for a room
A: Are you done painting Jason’s living room yet? What’s the color?
B: Just finished. It’s called period red.
A: Dude. No!
B: Sh*t! It’s called Persian red! I got autocorrected. Epic fail!

10. About an acquaintance

About an acquaintance
A: In the 8th grade my best friend was a girl just like you with redbreasts
A: oh!!! RED HAIR!

11. What to do when you miss someone

What to do when you miss someone
Boy: I miss you too
Girl: Don’t think I’m weird but I’m sleeping with that shit you left in the bathroom 🙂 It smells like you and it makes me feel better when you’re not here!
Boy: WHAT?! If you’re trying to be cute or funny it’s not working
Girl: Oh my God!!!! *SHIRTS*

12. Surprise dinner from mom

surprise dinner from mom
Mom: Are you hungry? There’s a huge surprise waiting for you in the kitchen. It’s your favorite.
Kid: Starving. I hope you shaved pussy. OMG!! I meant porkkk shaved pork. It was the worst autocorrect of my life.

13. Break her finger

finger autocorrect fail
Q: How did Emily break her finger?
Julian:  Her finger got stuck in my butthole
Q: WHAT????

14. I’m coming over

hermaphrodites misspel
A: I’m coming over and I’m bringing cold hermaphrodites
B: Uh, no!

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15. It’s national coming out day

national coming out day autocorrect

John: It’s national coming out gay
John: omg! DAY!

16. You type good

plowing joke
Tyler: He won’t stop plowing me though. It’s annoying
Sam: You type good

17. Open your pool

pool mistake autocorrect text
April: It’s so hot. You should open your poophole for me this weekend 🙂

17 Funny Autocorrect Mistakes of 2019

Look how autocorrect gone wrong in 2019. This is the fresh list of 2019 autocorrect pearls below!

18. I’ll bring a blanket

date with blanket autocorrect failAlana: I’ll bring a blanket and we’ll make it a cut dick date

19. You’re so fatter

fatter autocorrect reveils
Rena: You’re so fatter
FARR***** It’s autocorrect!

20. I am gollum

gollu autocorrect
Aren: I am not mom. I am gollum. You are precioussssssssssssssssssssss.

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21. To smoke or not to smoke

to smoke or not to smoke autocorrect

Kailie: To smoke or not to smoke that is the weed question
A: My dad on this phone.
Kailie: l

22. Canon… canine… cordon

mom learns texting autocorrect issueMom: Canon… canine… cordon… crib…

23. You wanna go babdos?

nandos mishaps iPhone
Esme: you wanna go babdos? babdos?
A: What?
Esme: Nandos!

24. I rest all weekend
no milking joke

A: I rest all weekend and may as well milk myseld
Kill! no milking!
B: That was funny 🙂

25. I try not

poke beats funA: I try not to poke beats
B: bears?
C: lions?

26. Shower and get ready

shower plan humor
Ryan: I’m gonna cunt back and shower and get ready
Ryan: Oops hahaha

27. Kobe you

kobe youMallory: Miss you
A: Kobe you
Mallory: Kobe?

28. You are vehicular
vehicular autocorrectA: You are vehicular!!
B: Haha your phone doesn’t agree

29. I’m going to get drunk

going to get drunk
Brook: I’m going to get drunk and sleep on my dads body
B: WHAT??? Did you proofread the last sentence?
Brook: Omg! I’m crying! Boatttttt

30. Can you trim my moist acne

Can you trim my moist acne

Matt: Can you trim my moist acne
B: ???
Matt: Moustache!

31. Go finger the girl

Go finger the girl
A: No, go finger the girl!
A : Oh, no! I mean find! Oh, tablet!

32. I looove rap

best autocorrect fails 2018: I looove rap
B: I looove rap uncle nozomi
A: …..

33. So I was tight then?

I was tight autocorrect fail
A: So I was tight then?
B: Nice autocorrect fail again

34. Flogger?

Flogger autocorrect epic fail
Tiffany: But Saturday night could be flogger by different
A: Flogger? Auto correct…

We hope these clean or sometimes a bit dirty autocorrect failures made you laugh. Tell us what you think! Did iPhone autocorrect get smarter now?