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iPhone Sound is not Working: What to Do?

iphone with earphones
iPhone Sound is not Working: What to Do?

iPhone “no-sound” problem is one of the most common alongside with non-working iPhone camera. If you have one of the following problems:

  • your iPhone is not ringing,
  • iPhone speaker stopped working,
  • you can’t listen to music with our without headphones,
  • volume bar has dissapeared,
  • you hear no sound or distorted audio from your iPhone speaker,

you needn’t rush to Apple repair service. All those problems can be fixed by yourself. Just try the solutions below.

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10 Ways to Fix iPhone No Sound Problem

Follow the proven techniques below to to fix volume on iPhone. These steps will equally applicable for all iPhone models, including the recent X and 11 ones.

1. Check out silent mode button

The simplest solution is the most obvious: check the Ring/Silent switch. Maybe, your iPhone is switched to the silent mode. If it is so, just flick the other way to turn on the loud mode. Then make sure your volume is turned up by pressing the volume buttons (“+”/”-“) on the side.
iphone has no sound

2. Restart your iPhone to make sound work

It may be some bug which is not harmful at all. Restart your iPhone: press the Power/Sleep switch and the Home button at the same time. Keep holding both buttons until the screen turns off and then turns back again and displays the Apple logo. Your smartphone will restart without affecting any personal data. If there is a temporary sound glitch on the iPhone, this solution should fix it.no volume on iphone

3. Go to the default settings

This troubleshoot is a bit more radical than the previous ones, as you’ll lose your smartphone personalized settings. To return sound, try to reset your iPhone by rolling it back to the default settings. Go to Settings, then General and Reset all Settings. This step won’t affect your data, contacts or media.

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iphone 6s no sound

4. Plug in & unplug headphones

It’s very common that iPhone plays music well only with earphones. Once disconnected, there’s no sound and the volume slider does not show up. If this is your case, get your headphones and insert them into the headphone jack, then quickly pull them out. Repeat this 4 or 5 times. Sometimes the smartphone gets stuck in headphone mode, so this action normally will undo that. Also this may remove any dust or grime lodged in there.

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Plug in headphones

5.  Clear any debris

Use a brush to carefully clear any debris from the receiver mesh, the lightning connector, and the speaker. The brush should be clean and dry and have soft bristles. If your gadget is in a case or bumper, make sure that it doesn’t block the speaker. Also you may use rubbing alcohol, acetone or methylated spirits to get all the extra dirt out.

how do i get sound back

6. Turn off Bluetooth

You might have paired with a Bluetooth headset that is nearby. So you can’t hear the sound without this device. Turn Bluetooth off (choose Settings > General > Bluetooth) to unpair with a headset.

how to fix sound on iphone 6s

Alternatively, just switch Blutooth off on the lockscreen.

sound stopped working on iphone

7. Restore an old version with speakers working

If you did a backup of a totally working iPhone system, you may switch back to it. Note that any pictures, media, and contacts you added after this backup will be removed. Go to Settings > iCloud. Choose Storage & Backup and pick up the backup you want to restore. Alternatively, you may restore an iPhone copy via iTunes.

audio not working on iphone

8. Tap the right bottom corner

This solution is a bit weird, but it has worked successfully for some people. You need to squeeze the bottom righthand corner of your iPhone above where the speaker is. Hold that grip for about 20 seconds. The connector may be loose, so this action will reposition it correctly.

why is my sound not working

9. Adjust volume while gaming

Sometimes it helps to get sound back on iPhone in apps. Find and open some app or game that has music or sound effects. Adjust the volume with the volume buttons or the slider in Control Center on the lockscreen.

Adjust the volume with the volume buttons or the slider in Control Center

10. Update your iOS to get sound back

Update your device to the latest iOS version. Go to the Settings > General > Software Update and check if your iOS version is the latest. If no, proceed with the update.

Update iphone to the latest iOS version

To check out if those solutions helped you, try to download one of these free music apps and play songs with it.

In case none of these trouble fixes restored sound on your iPhone 6 or other model, you’d better address the professional Apple support and repair center. Perhaps, you will need to replace some iPhone details like earpiece speaker.

There are also many videos on YouTube concerning iPhone sound problem, for example this one:

Watch this video in MPEG2 in offline mode. Learn how to do it here.

Please share in the comments which solution helped you.

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