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Top 5 Time-Tested Audio Players for Windows, Mac and Linux

Top 5 Time-Tested Audio Players for Windows, Mac and Linux

Are you fond of listening to music? Here are the pros and cons for six free media players. Some of them play videos, but all play music files. Check this list and decide which media player you should use or download.

Freemake Music Box


Freemake Music Box is a free software developed by Ellora Assets Corporation. Originally Freemake Music Box played only online music. However, with the latest update the software supports offline files.

Freemake Muisc Box is easy to use and makes managing your music pretty comfortable. It is free and many people applaud its intelligent music search capabilities. The software features a very crisp visual interface and video watching function. The main feature of Freemake Music Box is the ability to play both offline files from your PC and search and play online music. You can also create and import playlist from other most popular music players.

The interface is not very full and looks a little too open when compared to others. It uses a lot of bandwidth for some reason and is not as good looking as some of the other players. But the interface has a good design and it brought a bit more up to date.

Download free Freemake Music Box

Windows Media Player


Windows Media Player is a standard audio and video player that is installed by default on every Windows based PC.

It plays the most common video files except for FLV. It has a loop and shuffle function, and your play list is only limited by how much processor power and RAM that your computer has. It allows you to store a large library and update its information off the net with data from music producers and top UK writers. Moreover, Windows Media Player lets burn and rip audio disk to WAV, MP3 and WMA formats for further use on portable gadgets.

Its shuffle function has a habit of playing the same songs during the same session and if you add too many to the play list, more likely Windows Media Player won’t play them all. If you update your library manually, the software sometimes mixes up the information when it plays on your play list.

Download free Windows Media Player



iTunes is a standard player of Apple computers. However, there was also released Windows version for iPod, iPad and iPhone users.

iTunes has a very good looking interface and allows you to easily sort and organize your music and videos. iTunes 11 got an iCloud integration what means that  every track you’ve bought in iTunes will now show up in your music library, whether or not it has been downloaded. The mini player has also become smaller and more comfortable to manage. You may also customize your media library by adding a colored background for each individual album.

Many people find iTunes 11 hard to use and you cannot have multiple play lists. You cannot organize your tunes by the DJ like you could with iTunes 10. Moreover, there is no streaming service and limited file formats are supported.

Download free iTunes



VLC is a well-known free audio and video player that supports a great number of media formats.

VLC can play a lot of video files including BluRay and HD, and almost every music file type and it supports 10bit decoding. It is open source, but it is still updated on a regular occasion. In spite of the program is free, it does not have ads. VLC can stream media files from the Internet.

The “skin” program could use some improvement and modernization. Both the library and play list features are not up to modern standards and are beaten by the more popular and mainstream players. Some people complain that it crashes on their system, but it is not a common complaint.

Download free VLC

Zinf Audio Player


Zinf Audio Player is not that famous among users. However, the software lets you to enjoy your favorite music in the most popular formats, including audio CD.

It works on Win32 and Linux and plays a few audio files such as WAV and MP3, as well as CDs. It has a real time player streaming, a built-in music manager and tag editor. If you want, you can add your own themes and change your interface as you wish.

Either it is an old player or it has not had much development yet. It is not really a media player that is going to replace your current one; in fact, it is not really a replacement for anything. Unless you are looking to stream or download then you will not find it very useful when compared to the competitors.

Download free Zinf Audio Player

If you are going with iTunes then download the most recent version and convert it to iTunes 10 (there are articles online to help you). Stick with windows media player if you have a PC or laptop. The Windows media player does everything that all the other players on here do unless you are looking to stream files or heavily customize.

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