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8 Hilarious Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2016

8 Hilarious Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2016

Twitter is the 3rd most popular social channel with 500 million registered users generating over 340 million tweets daily. Behind each Twitter account there is a real person, though sometimes an account may be deprived of human personality. Thus, we observe accounts led by cats (e.g. Tard the Grumpy Cat), hens, cartoon characters, etc. I suggest having a look at the funniest Twitter accounts to follow in 2016.Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

The Dark Lord

You won’t believe, but the most vicious character of Harry Potter Sage became a comedian on Twitter! @Lord_Voldemort7‘s tweets are full of cynical humor and jokes at other popular movie characters.

Lord_Voldemort72,3 million followers


@someecards is a Twitter account of popular ecards site. Each day on Twitter there are published the most humorous ecards made by site visitors.

@someecards2 million followers

 Shit Girls Say

Girls often talk nonsense unconsciously. The creators of @ShitGirlsSay account know it very well and post the most humorous “perls” that girls often say.


1.8 million followers

Elizabeth Windsor

Unlike the official Queen UK account, this fake one has twice more followers, maybe due to the fact that this pseudo-queen doesn’t speak about official affairs, but allows herself jokes and self-irony.


1 million followers

Big Ben Clock

In case you’re far from London and don’t know the exact Greenwich time, follow @big_ben_clock on Twitter.  Every hour, it tells the exact time by typing “Bong” so many times as many hours it is now.

@Big Ben


Matthew Inman

Matthew Inman, known on the Web and Twitter as @Oatmeal is a famous web designer who publishes funny comics on his website. The Twitter account announces about the release of a new masterpiece.



Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris is not only the epic character of popular Google searches, but of funny tweets as well. @Chuck_facts is an amazing example of good humor about all-mighty person.



 Drunk Hulk

The famous movie character is represented on Twitter as a not-very-sober depressed personage who rants about daily routine, alcoholic drinks, and his poor life.

@DrunkHulk183K followers

And what are your Twitter idols? Share in the comments below.