How to Turn Audio into Text Free with VoiceBase

How to Turn Audio into Text Free with VoiceBase

Last time when I interviewed our guest Chris Pirillo, I needed an app that could convert an audio file with his speech into a text document. Frankly speaking, I wanted to save my time instead of boring typing each word that he had pronounced. Suddenly, the savior sprang up; it’s a free web service named VoiceBase that converts audio files (in MP3, WMA or M4A formats) into text docs automatically.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium by Nuance

The quality of machine audio transcript is high and mostly depends on original file sound quality. For instance, if a person speaks clearly, then the text is close to manually written. If an interviewer mumbles or lisps, then you’ll have to review the transcript or hire someone for text checkup. Fortunately, you can order human transcript right in your VoiceBase account. Moreover, you can record an audio track and turn it into text!

Let’s see how you can use all VoiceBase powerful features.

How to Convert Audio into Text Automatically

Step 1. Create a free VoiceBase account;
Step 2. Click Upload audio button on the left;

Add audio files to VoiceBase
Step 3. Add an audio file of the supported format or record an audio track. Tip: use Freemake Free Audio Converter to make an audio file of the supported format by VoiceBase.
Step 4. Your file will be processed and you’ll be notified by email when it’s ready. For example, I’ve added a 10 minute audio interview in M4A format and it took about 15 minutes to convert it into a text file.
Step 5. When the text file is done, go to My uploads tab in VoiceBase account;

My uploads in VoiceBase account
Step 6. Click on the name of your file;
Step 7. Check the box Show Raw Machine Transcript on the right of your audio file.

Audio Files with Speech to Text Doc Automatically in VoiceBase
Step 8. Copy the transcript and save it as text document.

VoiceBase is a free and fast online audio to text converter. Needless to say, it is suitable for everyone no matter what you need: an automatic or human speech to document conversion.

Go to voicebase.com try VoiceBase, too!

If you are not satisfied with its result, try another voice-to-text converter: Dragon Dictation.