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Best YouTube Education Channels Worth Following in 2021

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Best YouTube Education Channels Worth Following in 2021

Today, the biggest trend of YouTube is education, even if it may sound strange from the first time. Education videos are watched twice more, than videos with funny animals. Almost every major University has its own YouTube channel with news, lectures, webinars for online distance learning. YouTube EDU isn’t something boring as lectures are made like cool shows with humor and video effects. It is possible to search the channel by the category: history, liberal arts, social studies, languages, mathematics, science and additional subcategories. Check out 23 excellent educational channels and watch YouTube for getting new knowledge!

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Universities’ channels

As you may have noticed already, online education is now getting more and more popular. The top world universities don’t want to stay behind and open their own channels on YouTube. Channels are used for providing online education and for attracting more attention to the university itself.


257 935 subscribers, 37 821 300 views

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the best public research and teaching institution in the USA. From classic literature to emerging technologies, the channel contains over 300 hours of academic lectures. The most important is that you’ll find here a series of university courses that can be watched for free. It’s an excellent collection worth starting with.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

117 368 subscribers, 30 483 500 views

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One of the most respectful educational places of the world. On the MIT YouTube channel you will find classroom video lectures from famous professors and interesting news from the university.

Vanderbilt University

11 588 subscribers, 2 736 129 views

Vanderbilt University is a dynamic center of research, learning and growth – a private research university of 6,300 undergraduates and 5,300 graduate and professional students. Founded in 1873, today Vanderbilt offers undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences, engineering, music, education and human development as well as advanced degrees in business, law, medicine, nursing, divinity, education, engineering and the arts and sciences.

Early Learners

The love of learning starts early. Especially nowadays, when kids start to use gadgets before they learn to speak. Some of these devices are really good for children to learn faster. Set youngsters up for success with these educational – yet engaging – videos. Colorful, funny, full of great characters – these educational videos are perfect for the youngest generation.

By the way, you may save those videos for offline watching with this Full HD 1080p YouTube download tool.

Mother Goose Club

2 300 009 subscribers, 3 147 082 161 views

The channel is represented by six colorful characters (adults and kids), who introduce little ones to nursery rhymes and other preschool classics, through movements, songs, and skits. Kids really adore this fantastic and interesting atmosphere of learning.

Hoopla Kidz

1 806 993 subscribers 1 527 624 735 views

As the name suggests, Hoopla Kidz is dedicated to children. It is a children educational show hosted on YouTube. It is made for pre-school kids. It features popular nursery rhymes, full of melodies and colorful animation. With hundreds of videos, youngsters will be entertained for hours!

Sesame Street

1 677 082 subscribers, 2 455 409 741 views

Over the last several decades, Sesame Street has proven itself to be engaging, entertaining and educational. Now, children (and adults!) can enjoy their shows all day long. Check it daily for new videos (Music on Mondays, Celebrities on Tuesdays, Muppet Fun on Wednesdays, and Films & Animations on Fridays). The channel even features videos in other languages.

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Learn another Language

Some experts believe that learning a foreign language is only possible with tons of grammar books and everyday-homework. Some say that total immersion is the best way to learn a new language. While that might be true, it is not always feasible. Until you can mingle with the natives in person, try connecting with them online.

Speak English with MisterDuncan

403 165 subscribers, 61 656 539 views

MisterDuncan claims to be one of the first English teachers on YouTube. He encourages speaking English naturally, rather than precise attention to grammar. With MisterDuncan’s help, you’ll be fluent in no time!


372 898 subscribers, 57 678 666 views

JenniferESL is another great resource for individuals wanting to learn English. It can be used individually or in conjunction with other language classes. JenniferESL groups lessons by subject – grammar, vocabulary, writing, etc.

The Spanish Blog

11 593 subscribers 2 065 302 views

Finding a native Spanish speaking tutor who is willing to provide lessons for free is hard to come by. But that is exactly what you’ll find at The Spanish Blog. This YouTube channel has daily Spanish lessons that can help anyone – the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced student. Learn the entire language or brush up on specific skills – like vocabulary, pronunciation, writing and reading.

French From Beginners to Advanced

309 832 subscribers, 137 525 163 views

French From Beginners to Advanced is the channel to learn French from A to Z. The name really does say it all. This channel provides lessons that will take you from vowels to colloquial expressions.

Improve Your Writing

We all know writing is essential for success in school. However, some of us forget it is just as important in the workplace. Few of us master the craft completely; most people need to put in a little effort to maintain their skills in this complex and challenging subject.


111 769 subscribers 3 024 549 views

Whether you are interested in penning the next bestselling novel or simply want to communicate efficiently with your boss. Everyone can benefit from BookTV. The channel offers an insider’s look at professional writers’ habits. Improve your writing and learn from author interviews, readings, panels, book fairs and more.

Vancouver Poetry Slam

21 356 subscribers 2 157 970 views

Everyone who enjoys poetry – writers and readers – will appreciate these clips from the weekly Vancouver Poetry Slam. Tune in each week for new content (local slams happen every Monday).

Words of the World

44 397 subscribers 1 087 776 views

Ever wonder where a word originated? On Words of the World let modern language and culture experts explain the history and use of some of our most familiar words. You’ll be amazed once you’ve witnessed the nature of both the spoken and written word. Each video expounds on a single word or concept.

Science Geeks

Let’s be real; we all have a little bit of geek buried inside of us. Mind boggling science experiments are enjoyed by nearly everyone. These science channels have something for everyone – how’d-they-do-that fans and die-hard science enthusiasts. Both groups find something to their liking.

Scientific American Space Lab

167 492 subscribers, 34 020 746 views

While Scientific American Space Lab may sound too scientific for the average Joe, the videos are both fascinating and educational. Check out favorites like “5 Everyday Products Developed from NASA Technology,” and “5 Remarkable Facts about the Northern Lights.” There is even an Ask the Experts section where science professionals answer the queries of viewers.

Khan Academy

2 381 313 subscribers, 716 623 115 views

Khan Academy’s mission is to “provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” While their primary categories are physics and biology, they also reflect on math topics as well as new and noteworthy. Even more noteworthy is the fact that Khan Academy has 16 additional channels – all in different languages!


9 724 816 subscribers, 923 505 727 views

The creator of Vsauce puts it simply: our world is amazing. He offers mind-blowing facts and best-of-the-Internet insights. Some popular videos include “What if Everyone Jumped at Once?” and “What color is a Mirror?”


3 132 965 subscribers, 232 626 524 views

Derived from the Latin word for truth, Veritasium features experiments, expert interviews and cool demos. This science blog will inform you about everything from the world’s roundest object to what’s in a candle flam.

Lifelong Learning

Some of us know learning opportunities don’t end when we snag that diploma. Fortunately, thanks to YouTube, learning can continue for as long as you want – and in any subject you want! And this is great because many people all over the world did not have enough time or opportunities in their young years to learn about things they had always dreamed to learn. Now it is their time, and all others who is just interested in the subject.

Animal Planet

1 284 798 subscribers, 817 660 444 views

Animal Planet might seem like a channel for pet lovers and furry animal freaks. However, it is so much more than that! The channel is designed to entertain, inform and enrich the lives of viewers. Learn something about domestic pets or world safari beasts with these high-quality videos. One more channel of this kind is Wonder Pets. Besides, you can enjoy also our collection of funny YouTube videos with animals.

Big Think

1 342 082 subscribers, 144 178 260 views

The Big Think creators want to make companies and people smarter. By providing insight from world-renown visionaries and teachers (like Bill Nye and Neil de Grasse Tyson), Big Think educates viewers on a wide variety of topics. Additional channels were created with specific audiences in mind: Big Think Mentor is for individuals and Big Think Edge is for corporate e-learning solutions.

Expert Village

2 877 511 subscribers, 3 199 743 976 views

If you want to do it, Expert Village can teach you how. It really doesn’t matter what you want to do, this channel has a demo or tutorial to guide you through the process. A random sampling of categories include kitchen tips, makeup tutorials, how to decorate for Christmas and exercise classes. The Expert Village creators know details count when learning; that’s why all their videos feature clear pictures with quality information – you won’t miss a thing!

These are the top channels worth following based on views, subscriptions, and quality of content. You can find all sorts of EDU channels from those for little kids with cartoons and funny songs to science shows for geeks or history lectures. Welcome to the future of education! It starts on YouTube.