12 Autocorrect Mistakes of your Smart Phone. Check the T9 Sense of Humor.

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Funny iPhone Autocorrect FailsiPhone is a smart phone. When you send a text message, it checks spelling mistakes and autocorrects your writing. Like Siri, iPhone autocorrect has a good sense of humor and often replaces original phases with funny, weird or even scandalous expressions.

Here are the top 12 craziest autocorrect fails that make us burst into laughing:

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1. Bad dialog after first date

Bad dialog after first date

Girl: Thank you again for an amazing first date
Boy: Any time. When’s the second date? I can’t wait to see those big beautiful nipples of yours. Oh, NO! I’m so sorry I meant dimples, my phone changed it

2. Worst “Happy Birthday” wish to husband

Worst Happy Birthday wish to husband

Wife: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to dead husband! Happy Birthday to you!
Husband: Thanks. I assume you meant “dear”.
Wife: Yes!!! I mean that is a crazy autocorrect! Sorry babe.

3. Friday fun
Friday fun

Boy: Can’t wait to see you babe.
Girl: It’s Friday. I’m getting pregnant tonight!
Boy: Shouldn’t we talk first?
Girl: Oh my God! I wrote pringles and it autocorrected to pregnant
Boy: I almost had a heart attack!

4. Song about “Hamster Paradise”
Song about Hamster Paradise

A: I’m gangster. I’m a straight up G, the hamster life is the life for me. STUPID AUTO CORRECT!!!
B: Been spendin’ most of their lives in the hamster paradise.
A: Don’t make fun of me

5. Crazy cooking
Crazy cooking

Woman: Babe I don’t feel like cooking. Can you bring home human beef?
Men: WTF Beth? Human beef?
Woman: I’m laughing so hard.

6. I’ll be black

I'll be black

A: I’ll be black in a minute
B: Huh!?
A: I meant BACK. Freaking autocorrect.

7. The date wasn’t all right

The date wan't allright

Boy 1: How was the date?
Boy 2: Not quite. First date we went to dinner and then I killed her in the woods outside her house and left
Boy 1: Killing her seems a bit harsh.
Boy 2: KISSED, wtf

8. Finding a pencil for exam

Finding a pencil for exam

A: Can I get my pencil back? I have an exam in 30.
B: yeah. I’ll get it out of my lover.
A: Haha. You and Dan are into some kinky stuff.
B: *Locker. Love it!

9. New color for a room

New color for a room

A: Are you done painting Jason’s living room yet? What’s the color?
B: Just finished. It’s called period red.
A: Dude. No!
B: Sh*t! It’s called Persian red! I got autocorrected. Epic fail!

10. About an acquaintance

About an acquaintance

A: In the 8th grade my best friend was a girl just like you with redbreasts
A: oh!!! RED HAIR!

11. What to do when you miss someone

What to do when you miss someone

Boy: I miss you too
Girl: Don’t think I’m weird but I’m sleeping with that shit you left in the bathroom :) It smells like you and it makes me feel better when you’re not here!
Boy: WHAT?! If you’re trying to be cute or funny it’s not working
Girl: Oh my God!!!! *SHIRTS*

12. Surprise dinner from mom

surprise dinner from mom

Mom: Are you hungry? There’s a huge surprise waiting for you in the kitchen. It’s your favorite.
Kid: Starving. I hope you shaved pussy. OMG!! I meant porkkk shaved pork. It was the worst autocorrect of my life.



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