10 Best Sites to Download Free eBooks

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free ebook downloadsWith all the great digital technology around these days, we don’t need a tree to make a book. More and more of us are choosing the convenience of digital content over actual books, CDs, DVD and Blu-ray discs as time passes. And as with everything that comes in digital – there’s a plethora of free options available. We can download eBooks onto our kindles, iPads, iPod, phones, laptops… the list is endless. Here’s a useful collection of sites and sources for getting free eBooks (yes, free!) for all of you virtual bookworms.

1. Free eBooks

free ebook downloads

This great website is exactly what it says on the tin – a huge free source of eBooks available for download. You’ll even get to search comprehensively through various categories, too.

2. The Book Depository

The book Depository has both “real” books and eBooks, so if you’re after a reliable source for the digital and tangible then this is an amazing website. They have a special dedicated “free” area too – so you can search knowing you won’t be spending a penny.

3. eBooks.com

Ebooks.com - get them all in just one Click!

One of the best ebook sites with an impressive library. Find a book up to your liking from any genre: fiction, romance, educational, history, technology, etc. You may buy a book at a small price or download gift books.

4. Bookyards

Known as the “library to the world” you’ll be able to find many free and paid titles here. They have a special section dedicated to free downloads too – which makes things much easier.

5. Baen

Baen is a free online library with a wealth of eBooks available for free download. You’ll be able to search by author, title or year of publication too, which is perfect if you’re after something specific.Freemake MusicBox for iPhone


6. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a community project dedicated to providing people with free eBooks. There isn’t a huge variety on there (compared to, say, Amazon!) but there are new titles updated weekly.

7. Get Free eBooks

As you’d expect this is the perfect resource for free eBooks and you’ll find a huge variety on here. They also have a really active twitter feed too, meaning you can stay updated with their latest releases and titles.

8. Open Culture

Open Culture have 325 free eBooks available for free download. So if you’re not fussy about what content you’re after then this is a great option for you. You could stumble across a real gem.

9. Bibliotastic

If you’re after science fiction, historical, mystery or romance, then have a search through Bibliotastic; as it is especially good for these particular genres.

10. Book Boon

Book Boon is a great little website – the design is smart and simple and you’ll be able to find your way around within seconds. There are business books, travel guides and educational text books; all available with no registration necessary.

You can also get free books of different formats to use on any device. And if your favorite book can’t be found EPUB, use free EPUB converters to transform it from any other format.


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