JibJab: Make a Funny Video with Your Face on a Dancing Body

JibJab: Make a Funny Video with Your Face on a Dancing Body

Are you looking for a way to make invitations, ecards or just spend some time laughing on the Net? Explore miracles with Smilebox and Jibjab – put your face on a dancing body, make craft slideshow and get amused with numerous video templates. Want to learn more? Go on reading this post.

Though JibJab is a popular card-maker, there exist some better ones. First of all, try Smilebox.

It lets create splendid slideshows, invitations and ecards to send to friends. Its main advantage is that on the contrary to JibJab, which laughable dancing cards are all paid, Smilebox provides us with breath-taking  free cards to send.


Besides, Smilebox cards are so stylish and craft-looking, that it is such a pleasure to send and receive them. This online source has a desktop app which is easy to install and use. So, if your aim is to create funny, free and good-looking ecards at the same time, go for Smilebox.

But if you are still determined to put your face on a dancing body, try JibJab.


JibJab Logo is probably one of the most elaborate websites helping to fuse human heads to animated bodies. The resource became popular due to 2004 presidential election video which featured the candidates singing a parody of “This Land Is Your Land” song. Since then, election has become a favorite topic on JibJab.

Freemake MusicBox for iPhone

The good

The resource offers a vast majority of topics for your funny video: upcoming holidays (now Halloween is trending), birthday or wedding greetings, movie spoofs, sports, dances, Star Wars, and much more. All the templates are nicely designed and thoroughly thought-out.

jibjab topics

The bad

It’s paid. To get your ready video, you have to register a premium account which costs $1/month. There are some free templates, but they are very few.

Still, if you got interested, you may start with a free template (they come first in the category and are marked with a red stripe).

Making a funny video with JibJab is fast and easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Choose a template

Go to the category that interests you and filter the items by “video”. Each template has a detailed description and may be previewed. To choose a template, just click “Personalize” on the template preview.

JibJab templates

2. Personalize the video

Find a successful photo of you, your friend, or any other person who you would like to feature in the video and upload it. You may also use Facebook photos for this purpose or take iPhone selfie with the best selfie apps. The tool automatically recognizes a head and crops it. All you need is to zoom and rotate it, fine-tune contours, and position the mouth, so that your video character could speak.

JibJab: Make a face

3. Put face on the video

When you saved a face, just drag-‘n-drop it onto the video character. If you chose a template that requires several characters, make sure you uploaded all needed faces, or use JibJab. heads collection. Click “Done”.

JibJab: Put face on video

4. Add a message (optional)

If you’re going to send the resulted video as e-card, consider adding a greeting to your friend.

And if JibJab editor doesn’t match your purposes, check other online services for making e-cadrs and invitations.

5. Share your video

After your video is ready, you may download it to your PC or iPhone, email it to friend (free), send to Facebook (free), or upload to YouTube.

This is what I got (18+):

P.S. With a free template, I couldn’t save or directly upload video to YouTube, so I used Camtasia to screen capture the video. 😉