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10 Laughable Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

10 Laughable Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

Tumblr is a microblogging platform founded in 2007. It lets you post multimedia content such as music, videos, photos and GIFs, create your own blog or community, and communicate with other users. By the 1st of April, 2016 Tumblr has reached 287.6 million blogs with  555 million monthly visitors. let’s check what Tumblr blogs are the most interesting and worth following.

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1. Lolfactory

Lolfactory is one of the most popular blogs which appears every time you search for funny pics on Tumblr. You’ll find a lot of lol-images to any liking starting from animal pics and ending up with popular memes. And what’s more, the blog posts new pics several times a day. There are really a lot of them, so be prepared to laugh every time you scroll through your timeline.


2. Omg-humour

Omg-humour is dedicated to funny memes, rage comics and demotivational posters. If you are a fan of such pictures, you’ll definitely like this blog. The content is also daily updated, thus you’d better bookmark Omg-humor to not miss a thing.


3. Funnygamememes

As it’s clear from its name, Funnygamememes is dedicated to GIF and pictures about most known games and gamers’ everyday routine. If you can’t imagine your life with playing games, this blog is right for you. Here you may relax sometime, yet remaining with your beloved characters.


4. Cat Area

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We definitely couldn’t help adding Cat Area in this top list. Cats are the kings on the Internet. No doubts, they have their personal space on Tumblr as well. Here you may find thousands of cat pics in every moment of their lives. What can be cuter than a sleeping kitten and funnier than a playing one?

funny pics and jokes

5. SRS Funny

SRS Funny has images almost for every occasion. Thousands of pictures and photos are collected in this amazing comic blog. Don’t miss your chance to laugh.

just old fun pictures

6. Buzzfeed

It must be here for sure. Official Buzzfeed Tumblr blog is a collection of best photos, funny and awkward images posted on the original site. If you don’t have time to check Buzzfeed webpage everyday, subscribe to their blog and get the funniest content to your timeline.


7. Daily Meme

One more blog with daily memes and rage comics. At Daily Memes you’ll also find a lot of humorous photos from real life, celebrity funny shots, quotations and much more. The blog interface is pretty simple, so it won’t distract your attention from the main things.


8. What should we call me

What should we call me is a well-know and very popular Tumblr blog with a huge range of GIF pictures that illustrates how we look like in different situations. We’re sure you’ll find there a lot of stuff that will make you LOL. Save the best GIFs onto your iPhone and enjoy them when you feel sad.


what should we call me

9. Redditfront

One more blog dedicated to funny images of all possible styles taken from Reddit. Redditfront hosts numerous movie and clip screenshots, cartoon characters pics, troll memes as well as scenes from ordinary people’s and animals’ lives.

funny meme finder

10. Daily-funnyanimals

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Daily-funnyanimals is full of animal pictures. Whether you are a dog owner or can’t live without horses or adore pandas, you’ll find here numerous pictures to your liking. You may save the best ones onto your PC, post to your online journal or use as phone background.


 What other Tumblr blogs will you add here?