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Can’t Download from YouTube, What to Do?

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Can’t Download from YouTube, What to Do?

It’s no longer a secret that anyone can download video and music from YouTube. It’s much more convenient than watching them online. First of all, you won’t need a connection to watch a video or listen to a music track, and then you will be sure that you won’t lose an access to the video you like. It might happen if an owner decides to delete the file or a YouTube account. Moreover, you can upload a saved video or MP3 track to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy it wherever you go and whenever you want.

To save a YouTube video, audio, playlist, or channel, it’s necessary to have a special tool called YouTube recorder. It might be a browser-plugin (e.g. Video Downloadhelper), an online service, a browser with a built-in option to save videos or software. It’s up to you what to use. In most cases, the software is preferable. It is more stable than services, updated on a regular basis and provides many output options like MP4, MP3, M4A, WebM, FLV, etc. Besides that, a right YouTube ripper is safer than plugins and services. Good software won’t install any 3d party apps and won’t change your browser settings.

Since functioning of all these tools depends on a lot of inner YouTube mechanisms, it’s a frequent problem that you can’t download from YouTube anymore using them. What to do? Find answers in the article below.

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Why YouTube downloaders stop working?

YouTube is the most popular video site, and it’s constantly being improved and updated. There are frequent experiments with the site design and layout. Very often they do experiments with coding, which an average YouTube user will never notice, but which can affect the way YouTube videos are hosted, streamed and downloaded.video tool error

For example, at the beginning of 2015 YouTube switched to HTML5 video player mode instead of a Flash one. Visually, nothing has changed, but this transition influenced the video hosting technology, and some YouTube download tools stopped working.

From our own experience, we can say that YouTube makes changes in streaming code at least once in two months. Usually, these changes affect the majority of YouTube download software and services because they use the pretty similar coping algorithms. The rare exceptions are the tools which work on video capturing basis, but they are not among the top used apps for fast video download.

What to do if you can’t download from YouTube?

First, don’t panic. Before writing to support or asking on forums, have a look at your software official developer’s social channels. They might announce the problem and possible troubleshooting time frames. So you have nothing to do than to wait until they fix the problem and release an update. Of course, you can search for another free or paid ripping tool, but as a matter of fact, all of them experience the same problems.

Check your Internet connection. Try to save other files or stream movies. If you have any limits, check whether you have not exceeded available incoming traffic.

Make sure your software gets regular updates, especially if you use browser plugins. Unfortunately, many developers forget about them forever and ever. If your plugin has not been updated for many months, it’s high time to search for a new one.

free downloader trubleshooting

Here at Freemake, we try to react to similar situations as soon as possible. Believe me, some of our developers have fixed YouTube capturing problems at night and on holidays. That’s why Freemake tools are among the first to overcome YouTube changes. The only thing you should do is to upgrade them to the latest version. Just go to the product pages, click the main button and install the new software:

Alternatively, you may wait until Freemake tools inform you about the new version available in the main window, once you start the program.

New verson

Please note that Freemake tools can be installed only on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Win 10. Mac OS and Linux are not supported.

In case you use other software or service to download YouTube videos or MP3s, go to the official site and see if there’s any new version or update message displayed. If the utility you use is regularly updated, it won’t take much time for the developers to fix the YouTube download problem.

In case you use an online service, wait for some time. The drawback of the services of a kind is that when many people use them, they might become too slow or stop working at all. Try to return later, it might help.

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What to do if I can’t extract an exact YouTube track?

In case you don’t see any announcements from developers concerning the mass service outage trouble, this might be a local problem on your PC. For example, you’ve just downloaded dozens of steaming movies and now can’t get a particular one. The problem might be a system glitch or that exact movie.

cant download content

In the first case, a simple PC reset and software relaunch must help. Additionally, you can re-install the software from the official website. Also, don’t forget to check if there are no issues with your Internet provider.

In the second case, there’s little possibility that the video can’t be downloaded in general. Though Freemake video freeware supports a wide range of web content types (playlists, channels, favorites, movies), it can’t download real-time videos, paid videos and several movies and videos hosted by branded official channels. So here you may try other video downloaders. However, they may also appear useless. Alternatively, you may write to us and send your particular content links, so that we could test them and add the support for them to our software.

In case you want to download a country-restricted video, you can do it with the help of proxy and Freemake video app. You can easily find proxy settings online. Then:

  • Download Freemake video application;
  • Install the software on PC or laptop;
  • Run the software and go to Options -> Connection;
  • Insert the proxy settings you’ve found;
  • Click the OK button to save the settings;
  • Copy a URL of the restricted track;
  • Choose an output MP4, WMV, MP3 format and quality;
  • Click the button in the center to start the downloading process.

Pay attention that proxy using reduces your connection speed and thus increases the downloading time. So when your restricted song or movie is saved, disable the proxy settings to download non-restricted content at normal speed.

If you extract a playlist and see that one or more files can’t be downloaded, go to the website and check whether the clips are available for playback. They might have been deleted by an owner or due to copyright issues.

Hope this article helped you overcome the issues with YT downloading and get all your favorite clips for offline viewing. Please share it with your friends!