Can’t Download from YouTube, What to Do?

Can’t Download from YouTube, What to Do?

It’s no longer a secret that anyone can download video and MP3 from YouTube. However, this is impossible without a special software, plugin, or web service. Since the work of all these tools depends a lot on inner YouTube mechanisms, it’s an often problem that you can’t download from YouTube anymore using them. What to do? Find answers in the article below.

Why YouTube downloaders stop working?

YouTube is the most popular video portal and it’s constantly being improved. There are frequent experiments with the site design and layout. The more often are the experiments with coding, which average YouTube users will never notice, but which affect the way YouTube videos are downloaded.

From our own experience, we can say that YouTube changes video coding at least once in two months. Usually these changes make the majority of YouTube download software and services stop working. The rare exceptions are the tools which work on video capturing basis, but they are all crappy.

What to do if your YouTube downloader isn’t working?

First, don’t panic, software developers need some time to fix the problem and release an update.

fix the problemHere at Freemake, we try to respond to such situations at shortest time. Believe me, some of our developers have fixed YouTube download problems at night and on holidays. That’s why Freemake tools are among the firsts to overcome YouTube changes. The only thing you should do is to upgrade them to the latest version. Just go to the products pages, click Download button and install the new software:

Freemake YouTube MP3 Converter
Freemake Video Downloader
Freemake Video Converter

Alternatively, you may wait until Freemake tools will inform you about the new version available in the main window, once you start the program.

New versonIn case you use other software or service to download YouTube videos or MP3s, go to the official site and see if there’s any new version or update message displayed. If the tool you use is regularly updated, it won’t take much time for the developers to fix YouTube download problem.

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We hope that all the problems with YouTube download are temporary and you won’t waste much time on waiting while they are fixed!