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15 Laughable Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

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15 Laughable Tumblr Blogs You Need to Follow

Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform founded in 2007. It lets you post multimedia content such as music, videos, photos and GIFs, create your own blog or community absolutely free, and communicate with other users.

As of September, 2017, Tumblr hosts over 366,6 million blogs. That figure is really impressive. Most of these blogs are personal and are created to share funny and interesting content. Let’s check the most interesting Tumblr blogs worth following. Here is our roundup of top 15 laughable Tumblr blogs.

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1. Omg-humour

Omg-humour is dedicated to funny memes, rage comics and demotivational posters. If you are a fan of such pictures, you’ll definitely like and follow this blog. The content is daily updated, thus you’d better bookmark Omg-humor not to miss a thing.


2. Funnygamememes

As it’s clear from its name, Funnygamememes collects all possible GIFs and pictures of popular games as well as gamers’ everyday routine. If you can’t imagine your life without playing games, this blog is right for you.


3. Animals Being Dicks

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This blog posts funny GIFs of animals in various bizarre situations. Here you will find dozens of awkward dogs, cunning cats, crazy horses, etc. You may hang on this blog really for hours. So carefully plan your time!

cat with dogs

You may save all these photos and make a slideshow with them like ones compilated here.

4. SRS Funny

SRS Funny has thousands of images almost for every occasion. A great deal of funny pictures and photos are collected on this amazing comic blog. Don’t miss your chance to laugh.

just old fun pictures

5. Buzzfeed

It must be here for sure. Official Buzzfeed Tumblr blog is a collection of the best photos, memes, funny and awkward images posted on the official Buzzfeed website. If you don’t have time to check Buzzfeed homepage on the daily basis, subscribe to their marvelous Tumblr blog and receive the funniest content directly to your news feed.


6. Daily Meme

This is one more blog with daily memes and rage comics. On Daily Memes, you’ll also find a lot of humorous photos from real life, celebrities’ funny shots, witty quotations and much more. The blog interface is pretty simple, so it won’t distract your attention from the main things.


7. What should we call me

What should we call me is a well-known and very popular Tumblr blog with a wide range of GIF pictures that illustrates how we look like in different situations. We’re sure you’ll discover there a lot of stuff that will make you LOL. If needed, you may save the best GIFs onto your iPhone and enjoy them when you feel sad.


what should we call me

8. I Love Charts

I Love Charts blog is full of funny charts and witty graphics. The charts cover almost all spheres of life: from cooking to crime. This blog will definitely make you smile and think.

i love charts

9. Redditfront

One more blog dedicated to funny images of all possible styles taken from Reddit. Redditfront hosts numerous movie and clip screenshots, cartoon characters pics, troll memes as well as scenes from ordinary people’s and animals’ lives.

funny meme finder

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10. When Parents Text

Our parents can text unbelievable things, just look at the this compilation. The Tumblr When Parents Text is about the same. This is a treasure trove of amusing texts from mums and dads around the world. Just have a look at the examples below.

parents text

11. The Daily Laughs

The Daily Laughs has over 60K subscribers who follow this blog for a new portion of witty humor. You’ll find here the collection of inspirational posts and funny publications related to popular TV shows, movies and celebrities.


12. H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s

H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s is another funny blog on Tumblr. Here the readers will find reposts of funny observations from Twitter, YouTube and other social media. Some of them are really hilarious and worth sharing with friends.


13. Accidental Chinese Hipsters

As it is seen from the title, this blog is about such strange creatures as Accidental Chinese Hipsters. Nobody actually realizes that they might exist, and maybe that’s why this blog is so awesome to look at. Funny Asians are waiting for you!

accidental chinese hipsters
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14. Moustair

Moustair demonstrates the superb Photoshopping skills of its author who takes photos of  famous people with moustaches and then glues together a copy of the face into their moustaches. The photo comes as if the moustache is now the hair, which looks absolutely ridiculous. See the example below.


15. Fake Science

Fake Science is an awesome collection of old posters with funny texts. It is hard to say whether they have any relation to science, still most of them are bizzare and funny. Follow this blog to recieve the updates first.

fake science

What other Tumblr blogs will you add here? Please share your favorites in the comments below.